Klopp backs Alberto Moreno – ‘I told him I trust him 100%’

Alberto Moreno is trusted 100% by the Liverpool manager, who was speaking in his pre-match press conference.

Moreno has taken criticism after a 16 minute second half spell on Tuesday which saw him concede a free kick and a penalty which led to two Sevilla goals.

Klopp did substitute the player who was on a yellow card but the reds would concede again to pick up one point not three in their Champions League group game.

He was asked about the Spanish left back.

I had a talk of course with Alberto and I'm really happy about his performances (this season) - this game it was my responsibility.  I could have done different things.

Obviously it was difficult at Sevilla - everyone was talking to him like he was a family member.   He left there, a lot of people are still there which he knows well - if it's  1,2,3% of concentration - my responsibility would have been to think about the line up, or a change, or a change earlier.  I'm 100% responsible for that.

But I told him I still trust him 100% so for me the game is over.

Klopp brushed off concerns that morale had been dented and gave a more thorough assessment of Tuesday night's game.  He suggested that the team had not done enough in the second half and placed Alberto in to positions he shouldn't have had to deal with.

I know the boys better than you do and I know that they really want it but they are choosing the wrong tools.  It's as easy as that.  That was the situation.

You saw the goals how we conceded them was quite special.  But it was not only a single player - the free kick and penalty were (conceded by) Alberto but it was not like that - it was where we had the situation, why we had the situation.

Why we didn't play the backpass around the penalty situation.  We had the ball around the third goal - it was between two players and one reacted quicker and we give them the ball back.  Then they get a corner kick and third goal.

Very often in life you need to make an experience and then learn from it.

Liverpool welcome Chelsea to Anfield on Saturday evening.

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