Klopp backs Coutinho, Moreno and Mignolet ahead of Burnley clash

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp has been speaking to the media ahead of tomorrow's game against Burnley at Anfield in the Premier League.

There will be more team changes on the way - with one major one enforced.

Sadio Mane will begin the first of his three game domestic ban after last week's red card in the Man City game.

The Liverpool boss wasn't overly concerned about this - pointing out that there will be periods when key men are missing throughout the season.

That's why we reacted in building a squad.  We have options. Roberto already played on the left, of course Philippe can play there and Alex can play there.

We can change the system.  We can do a lot of things.

It's always difficult to replace top class players at any time in the season but we had to do it at the end of last season and we did really well.

He was asked about Coutinho's return to the team:

He should be ready. It was really nice how the crowd welcomed him. No one was 100% sure about this.  I'm really happy that as a Liverpool family we were sensitive enough to do it like this.

He has trained outstanding in the few sessions since his back.  The game was not perfect but that is how it is after a long break.

For sure he is ready to think about it (the game).

He was asked about if Mignolet would return.

"Yes of course.  Simon Mignolet is number 1.  I have already said this.  By the end of the season he will have played around 80% of our games.  Is that a number 1 or not? For me it is.

"Loris Karius will play in others.  Because he played against Arsenal he was ready for the game.  Obviously the crowd need to get used to his style of play.  He's in good shape.  He's a good goalkeeper.  Good for us.

Klopp was clearly prickly when asked about the defensive changes but insisted that the youngsters Joe Gomez and Trent Alexander Arnold cannot play too many games in a row.

'These boys are still growing, still developing.  Joe has just returned from a long injury.  They play often enough with each other.  They didn't concede because they don't play enough.

If people would really think about this.  These boys are really exciting and the only opportunity for us to make things more difficult would be to say 'these are not ready'.  In some periods they are already top class players - in some others they are still 'talents'. We all have to learn - and then at one point everything will be good if we really let them develop.

I'm cool enough for it.

The Liverpool manager gave the indication that defensive reshuffles were likely to be a part of the future going forward - with his interest more in how fresh a player was than creating a settled back four.  'We play 4 or 5 games and then get an injury - and then what' he said to the media suggesting a different method.

VIDEO: Watch Klopp's press conference

And there was praise for Alberto, the left back who has risen like a phoenix from the ashes of the Liverpool bench.

"Alberto Moreno when probably 90% of the people in this room had a big doubt about him has performed outstanding, offensively and defensively.

Kick off is 3pm on Saturday.

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