Klopp says ‘There is a lot for us to work on’ after 3-3 Watford draw

Yesterday's 3-3 draw saw Liverpool come from behind twice - before a 94th minute 'offside' goal allowed Watford to take a share of the points.

The Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp expressed disappointment that the reds were not up to the physical challenge in the first half but highlighted the attacking play in the second half.

And he said that the reds would improve from their opening day stumble.

Klopp told the press:

'We have a lot of things we can work on. I saw a lot of good things, but now we have to prepare for the next game.

'If you do everything perfect on the first match day then that makes no sense.

'We will try to work on it, of course. Everything is different in a league game than a pre-season game, of course.

'We scored two wonderful goals in the second half, we had our moments and then we conceded an offside goal. That's really not fun.

'It's difficult to accept but we have to. It happened last season very often, it feels not too good.

'But we know we can do better and have to do better.'

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Klopp says ‘There is a lot for us to work on’ after 3-3 Watford draw

  1. Klopp is a great motivator but clearly not a great coach. Playing such a high pressing style means the full backs go high up the pitch leaving the centre halves exposed. Doesn’t matter who plays at centre half, they’ll struggle in a two with the tactics employed. We were equally as cavalier in Roy Evans day, difference being Roy played a 3 with wing backs which offered more protection. The most alarming thing though is the lack of organisation, discipline and leadership across the back, as well as a lack of understanding as to how a team like Watford would play against us, especially as far as set pieces are concerned. If you mark the space then you have to attack the ball in ‘your zone’. We didn’t because it’s clearly not been drilled in enough. Watford were always gonna send numbers up, big guys too. Matip should be in Okaka’s shorts on corners if he’s not comfortable marking space. Big man for big man, instead of standing like one o’clock half struck when the ball comes in. Did we have a player on the park capable of using his own initiative to change it? Real leadership? Klopp must have been the only man around that didn’t expect them to bombard us with set pieces and try to muscle us. Pressure mounting.

  2. To anyone who ever played in defense it is obvious that LFC do not know the basics. When defending an attack, defenders should be between the attacker and our goal, providing a barrier. Our defenders are all over the place, ball watching! Granted that Anthony Taylor also contributed as usual by making too many mistakes against LFC, most notably Watford’s last goal which was offside.

  3. We have all seen how miserable our back line was today. Don’t hope for any improvement in these players. Their potential has been noticed for over a year now. Yet, we keep playing them and receive disappointments. Sakho is not being considered because Klopp doesn’t like him personally. He is the best centre back we have, a French International and a proven worrior. LIVERPOOL COMES FIRST AND NOT ANY PERSONAL DISLIKE

  4. It is quite clear Klopp has an attitude problem. What is wrong with Sakho? He is an outstanding Centre Back, better than any we have got. We just saw them against Watford.

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