Liverpool to hold parade to celebrate 6th European Cup

Liverpool's players will head back to Merseyside with the European Cup for a parade through the city.

The parade will commence shortly after the players arrive back at Liverpool Airport in the South of the city.

The route starts at Allerton Maze and will travel northbound on Queens Drive towards the Fiveways roundabout and Rocket flyover. From there it will journey along the following.

Queens Drive
Mill Bank
West Derby Road
Leeds Street
The Strand
Route finishes at Blundell Street

There is no central place for the parade - the 2005 parade travelled past Anfield and effectively ended in front of St George's Hall but those scenes will not be recreated this year.

The club have given the following advice to supporters:

  • Fans should be aware that the team bus won’t be stopping, so take advantage of the full length of the route from Queens Drive all the way to The Strand.
  • Decide which part of the route you want to wait at and arrive in plenty of time.
  • Be patient – it is impossible to predict how long it will take the team bus to travel along the route.
  • There is no best place to view the parade, plan your journey ahead and pick where you would like to view the parade.

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