Emotions run high for Klopp as Liverpool reach their holy grail

It was a night 30 years in the making.  The unique circumstances, the delay in the season, they have all added to the anticipation.

When you wait 30 years, you can wait another three months, right?

As the whistle blew at Stamford Bridge and Chelsea consigned Man City to their 8th defeat of the season, Liverpool fans around the world erupted in joy.  The social media timelines were filled and past Liverpool legends rubbed virtual arms with the current crop of Liverpool players and staff.

The reds team were ensconced in a hotel to watch the game - their little bubble.  There was emotion crackling in the voice of Klopp who declared 'He never thought it would feel this this.'  Jordan Henderson described himself as speechless and the party continued long into the night.

Speaking to Sky Sports, Klopp said:

“I have no words. It is unbelievable, much more than I thought was possible. Becoming champions with this club is absolutely incredible. This is for Kenny (Dalglish), for Stevie (Gerrard) - everyone!”

“There’s a sense of relief because after the three-month interruption no one knew how the season would come back. This is for all of the fans. I hope they celebrate it, it’s all in our hearts and our heads, we do it all together and it’s a joy to do this for the fans.

“The Manchester City game was really tense, I didn’t want to be involved.

“It was intense but it is an incredible from my players. What they have done over the last few years in exceptional and it’s a pure joy for me to coach them.”

“I am completely overwhelmed, I never thought it would feel like this.”

Liverpool FC: 'We are Liverpool, Champions of England'

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Emotions run high for Klopp as Liverpool reach their holy grail

  1. Thank you, thank you ,thank you!!! I’ve waited them 30 years.Faced death twice (stroke & pneumonia ) Champions of Europe,the world and England.What a feeling.Nice one Jurgen,never in doubt.

  2. Congratulation to Liverpool Football Club the Greatest team in the world. Thank you for all the great entertainment you have provided in the last three years. The football you have played has been breathtaking full of passion and has shown you are “Better than all the rest”.

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