UEFA asks for ‘independent’ report into Champions League final disgrace

UEFA, after a behind closed meeting with the French authorities, have asked for an independent report into the dangerous events surrounding the Champions League final.

Despite initial French government declarations praising the police, a very different story has emerged over the past 48 hours thanks in the main to mobile phone footage and eyewitness accounts, both from fans and journalists.

Uefa said a "comprehensive review" would examine a number of factors.

These include the decision-making, responsibility and behaviour of all parties involved in the final, it added.

Uefa' statement read:

"Evidence will be gathered from all relevant parties and the findings of the independent report will be made public once completed. Upon receipt of the findings, Uefa will evaluate the next steps."

The report will be independently compiled and Dr Tiago Brandao Rodrigues from Portugal will lead the production of the review.

Although the French government went on to change their story to 'around 50,000' fake tickets the damage appears already done to the image of the Parisien police.

A major story in Le Monde tonight indicates how the French police force seek escalation instead of de-escalation and the appearance of a militarised police force, spraying pepper spray and lobbing tear gas grenades has been captured by many supporters.

With fans queuing up to 3 hours before kick off, around 20,000 fans were then forced underneath a motorway where parked police vans filtered them into a potentially dangerous crush.  Inadequate ticket checks then took place and this year's tickets lacked the hologram normally featured on match tickets.

Local French youths, many armed with machetes and knives, tried to gain entry to the stadium and police locked all gates before tear gassing indiscriminately.  There was little police presence to weed out these attackers outside the stadium perimeter.

Liverpool Football Club have today invited supporters to file their own individual experiences from the evening whilst still fresh in their mind and to do this via their website.

Meanwhile, perhaps due to the memory events of Hillsborough, Liverpool fans have been praised by sections of the media for effectively policing themselves in what was an extremely difficult situation created by the Paris police.

Liverpool FC and various supporter groups have also indicated they are looking at ways to help supporters seek legal action against the French authorities.

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