VIDEO: Brendan Rodgers speaks to the fans

The Redmen TV have uploaded the video of yesterday's conference between Brendan Rodgers and Liverpool FC fans groups.

After a disappointing start to the Premier League campaign with 1 point out of 9, and after a dismal end to the transfer window that left Liverpool with just two senior strikers at the club - the club have moved swiftly to keep fans on board.

Part 1

Part 2

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VIDEO: Brendan Rodgers speaks to the fans

  1. He came here because of the owners and how they approach and think of football??? They still call it soccer for crying out loud!!!

  2. Liverpool’s PR machine has swung in to effect with the John Henry letter etc, but it doesn’t exempt them from the transfer fiasco. As Brendan rightly points out we have 25 games now with two senior strikers.

    As much as open letter’s and interviews are interesting for fans to take – we would have preferred positive action in signing players.

    The owners and Ian Ayre haven’t helped Brendan, but Rodgers must also take some blame – he should have had his targets in before sanctioning us losing Kuyt, Rodriguez, Carroll and Bellamy.

    Ultimately, it is a results business – and we have started very poorly. We will need to get something out of the Sunderland and United games.

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