Pre-Match Interview v Man City

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Monday 23 August 2010 - 8:00 pm
City of Manchester Stadium
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Liverpool take on Manchester City later today and we grabbed a few moments to chat with Tom from the Manchester City Vital Football site, to get his take on the mouth-watering clash between the two clubs.

Man City finished 2 places above Liverpool last season and will be looking to go at least one place further to get in to the lucrative Champions League, but the reds will be hoping to make it the 6th season in seven that we have qualified for the competition.

Here are the responses from our Q&A.

(AO) Do you feel, with all the money that’s been ploughed into Man City, that, if you win the Premiership, it will have been ‘bought’ rather than ‘won’ ?

(MC) I understand the thought behind this statement and as an opposing fan you would definitely think so. Personally i think it’s a bit of both, obviously the way we have strengthened personnel was down to money and at the end of the day all City fans are grateful for this, but even with the best players on your side you need everyone pulling in the right direction and striving for the same thing. If we do win it some day we will have bought the necessary tools needed to win the league- like every club before us- but the players would have worked hard and pulled together winning it for the club.

After the 25 man squad ruling forcing some players to rethink their seasons, do you think that City are buying up too many players?

Mancini has stated that he hopes to have two top class players in each position. Understandably it will be very hard to keep the status quo with all this competition, but two top players, that’s ideal isn’t it? The important thing we need to remember is for the club he’s buying the right players, targeting the right positions and hopefully in time we will realise the correct players.

You had over 90 mill pound worth of players sitting on the bench the other night, how many of them do you think will still be with you in January?

The players who were on the bench midweek in my opinion won’t necessarily be the same ones come January. We will be rotating a lot, hopefully finding our strongest 11 and if your on the bench tough luck, you have to fight for your place. That’s the whole point of a squad!

Can you see yourselves cementing a regular place in the top four of the Premiership?

Time will only tell. It will probably take 3-5 years to fully establish ourselves amongst the top four. The same monopoly has remained for such a long time that it will take consistency for us to be proved as one of the best.

What are your impressions of Mancini? Do City fans feel he is the right man at the helm?

Most City fans on Vital are fully behind Bobby Manc. He’s had a tough start replacing Hughes mid way through the season and receiving the onslaught in his opening press conference but looks to be fully stamping his authority on the club and the players, its now his time to bring his players in. Were fully confident and with a few right decisions he could be here for a long time.

How are United fans dealing with your new found wealth? Has the rivalry intensified?

In a word YES. We’ve always hated them lot across the pond and with the talent at our disposal the hatred on their side is growing and growing. With their money troubles the jealousy is increasing and although they might not admit it, the good fans of theirs- although very few- recognise us as a strong threat.

Which Liverpool player do you fear the most for Monday’s game and why?

EL Nino. I’m a huge admirer of Torres and when fit i think he’s possible the best centre forward in the world. He always seems to score against us and if we could be greedy and sign one more player i’d opt for the Spaniard.

What’s your prediction for the match?

A close one. Were not going to be firing this early and with your new manager the club looks to be buzzing, but i think we could sneak it 2-1.

Thanks to Tom for answering our questions. The Man City Vital Football site can be found here.

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Pre-Match Interview v Man City

  1. Man city are the antichrist to football
    stop buying all the top players because they can’t buy you history 🙂
    YNWA LFC the most sucsefull English club of all time 🙂 *****

    • Good grief Redman, you sound like a spoilt child that has had it all there own way for years and is now beside himself with rage and jealousy because someone else is now getting a little of what they have ghad for years,
      Y0ou sound bitter and jealous, grow up!

      I cant imagine your are atrue liverpudlian more like a rAG!

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