LFC v Southampton: Brendan Rodgers pre-match press conference

Brendan Rodgers has spoken to the media ahead of Liverpool's opening game of the Premier League season.

The reds must wait until Sunday to start their season but the reds boss outlined his thoughts on the game ahead, our 'biggest transfer window' for years and life without Luis Suarez.


We have compiled some of the answers and areas he discussed below.


Flanagan and Lallana unavailable - expected to start training week ahead of the Man City game.

Markovic progressing well but also unavailable as is Daniel Agger.


We had a great pre-season, a great tour of America, and finished last week against Dortmund which was an excellent game to finish.

On Southampton

We're looking forward to Southampton. We're really excited.

What we did last season is gone. We're looking forward to the challenge of continuing our improvement.

Southampton are a fantastic club.  An experienced manager has come in - and they still have some outstanding players.  Every team will expect to lose players, but every team has the hope and objective to try and improve.

On Raheem Sterling

He's a wonderful talent.  I read somewhere that I said he was like Lionel Messi, which was a big shock, because I didn't say that.

He's very stable and secure outside of his football life and you see the joy that he plays the game with.  He's still very young and he's looking to improve all the time.

Brendan went on to insist he had no knowledge of any rumoured new contract for Sterling. Hmm...

On new signings

We're nearly done. We've maybe got one or two more things to complete.  We needed to develop the squad this year.  Irrespective of what happened with players going out this summer we needed to add more depth to our group.

I'm really really happy and pleased with the players we've brought in.  It will enable us to cope with injuries and the competitions.  If we can add maybe one or two more in the areas we want to then we will have had a great window.  Not just for this window.  We never brought anyone in in January so we needed to do that this summer.

This will be our biggest window for the next couple of years.

On Sturridge's increased spotlight after Suarez departure

Spotlight will be on the team, not just relying on Daniel.  I think we'll see improvement in him but the reliance will be on the team, not just him.

On season ahead

We're into a long hard season ahead.  Our aim is to be competitive.  We want to win a trophy.  That is an aim.  In the League it is about sustaining the Champions League football.  For that you want to arrive at 4th - once there it's about looking beyond that.

Alberto Moreno

Hopefully that deal will be complete soon and he'll be a terrific signing.

Do you approach this season as title contenders?

Not according to the bookies we're not.  I saw that odds that didn't have us in the top four.  We arrived a year early, but this year we will be looking to challenge.

On Luis Suarez - have Liverpool lost the fear factor that he brought?

Luis was a World Class talent.  We scored 101 goals last year and 70 of those came from other parts of the team.

If you lose that kind of player, every club will lose a top player at some point, but for us nobody is bigger than the club.

If the fear factor is taken out that will be seen over the course of the season.

Over the two years I've been here, when Luis hasn't played, we won most of our games.

On replacing Luis Striker

We haven't brought in a new striker other than Rickie Lambert.  We aim to do that.  The money is there.  

The existing signings were to improve the squad in various areas of the team.  With Luis gone we obviously wanted to improve that top end of the field and that's something we will look to do right till the end.  And if we don't it means the right player hasn't become available for us.

And if that's the case I'll be happy to go into the season with that team.

Liverpool take on Southampton on Sunday at 1:30pm.

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