Klopp: No chance of rotation for Huddersfield clash

Premier League
Friday 26 April 2019 - 8:00 pm
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Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp insisted there would be no rotation for the Huddersfield game as the reds continue to battle on two fronts.

Wednesday night's win for Man City finally squared their game hand from March and cemented their lead of one point at the top of the Premier League.

The Mancunian club have held a one point lead since Matchday 29 when the reds recent 6 game league winning run began.

The reds boss was asked if he watched the game and said he had, whilst admitting the result was exactly what he expected.

Would he then turn his attention to the upcoming Barcelona game with the knowledge that Huddersfield have just one win in the past four months?

'No. The things people think about the game are already bad enough preparation.  I will not push that wrong mindset with a fresh lineup.  We have had a long rest since the last game.

'Barcelona has nothing to do with Friday night (v Huddersfield).

Klopp was then asked more long term about how, with such a record points total he will go on to improve the club.  He initially batted away a question about Napoli's Lorenzo Insigne.

'That's always more difficult the better you get.  We are not there now to excite the fans with a single signing but to improve the team.  The team is pretty well balanced.  Our plans are not for the public.  Will it be the biggest transfer window for LFC? No, probably not.

'Our eyes are always open.  What happens 'if' and 'when'.  Nothing to say at the moment.'

He was asked to comment on whether he agreed with Pep Guardiola that both teams deserve to win the title.

He nodded and said 'Yes, but that probably won't happen.  It's like with The Highlander.' (the film featured the oft-used phrase 'There can be only one')

'We do not only play to be Champions at the end.  Of course its a main target.  This team has tried for the first time and it's obviously very close.  But it is the first time and not the last time.

The club has been waiting for a long time, the people are waiting for a long time but that doesn't make it more likely to happen.  It's perhaps a bit surprising because we were 25 points behind.

We want to play the best football we can play every single day.  That's the truth.  Sometimes we have to accept it doesn't happen.  Then at the end of the season you see where you end up.

Liverpool host Huddersfield Town Friday night at 8pm.  The reds won a narrow 1-0 away at the Terriers earlier this season.  A win would take the reds on to 91 points.

VIDEO: Klopp pre-match v Huddersfield Town

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