Klopp fires warning: ‘We will not defend next year’s title – we plan to attack it’

Premier League
Thursday 02 July 2020 - 8:15 pm
Etihad Stadium
Man City4
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24' Gomez
⚽️ De Bruyne25'
⚽️ Sterling35'
⚽️ Foden45'
46'↔️ Gomez off, Oxlade-Chamberlain on
Jesus off, Mahrez on ↔️58'
62'↔️ Wijnaldum off, Keïta on
62'↔️ Firmino off, Origi on
⚽️ own goal66'
76'↔️ Alexander-Arnold off, Williams on
Laporte off, Otamendi on ↔️79'
Sterling off, Silva on ↔️79'
85'↔️ Mane off, Minamino on
90' Henderson
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Jurgen Klopp insisted that next season the canvas will be blank and Liverpool will not be attempting a title defence but another title attack.

The reds face Manchester City tomorrow evening at an emptier than usual Etihad Stadium, having already sewn up the Premier League title with seven games to spare.  Whilst the reds partied long into the night, City had to turn their attention to an FA Cup Quarter Final which they navigated successfully at the weekend.

Klopp has already indicated that more of the squad will see a run out in the final games of the season but this game should see a strong reds line up to receive the traditional guard of honour given to new champions.

Turning to tomorrow's game the Liverpool manager said:

"What we achieved last year and last week is something for the history books.  The rest is just hard work.  We will try to show this Thursday night but its difficult because City are a super team and we have to be ready for that.

Klopp also touched on his hope that fans wait for a big title parade later this year.

"It's a difficult time for us.  The emotions are all over the place and its not just down to 30 years.  Most of the supporters done what we all should have done. Stayed at home, in the garden, have a nice whatever they could do with their friends, families and neighbours.  The pictures from the city centre are not what we want to say.  It's difficult for me to say because normally at these times I like (the gatherings) but this is not the time for it.  We have to make sure it will not happen again and people listen.

The reds have been on a terrific run, not just this season, not just last season but even towards the end of the one before.  The reds boss was asked how can he explain this remarkable consistency over such a long period? And how does motivation continue for the rest of the season and beyond?

'Sorry I can't speak about that or everyone would do it! (laughs).

'No, its the focus, the concencentration, not thinking of the last game, the club, the pressure from the size of the club.  It's the desire to do something special and create your history and that's why we feel in the middle, not the end, of something.  The end is when you finish your career.  Until we finish our career we have to give everything.  As long as you wear the shirt less than 100% is not allowed.  I heard that phrase from the All Blacks and I've kept that phrase for myself.

'As long as we stay humble and greedy then we have a good chance of being a really uncomfortable opponent.  Life is constantly a challenge.  And now our challenge is being Champions and we have to play seven games against team who are fighting for everything.  We have to show that we can win not because we have to - but because we want to.  We will not defend we will attack.

'100% I do not feel finally satisfied.  It's a big step [winning the league] - unbelievably big.  But it's not the only thing I want to talk about when I meet my players in 20 years time.  We are not tired - we are in the middle of something and we want to go.

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