Atletico Madrid 1-0 Liverpool

Europa League Semi Final 1st Leg
Thursday 22 April 2010 - 8:05 pm
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' Kyrgiakos
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If the West Ham game was a reflection of what we could do domestically without breaking a sweat, then tonight’s game against Atletico was a reflection of what we could do in Europe without breaking a sweat. Look at the difference in the final score, and try to tell yourself that the Europa League isn’t elite.

Both Liverpool and Atletico looked nervy at the back today – the only difference being that Atletico managed to capitalise through a very lucky goal.

Both teams started the game rather well, with the Spanish Copa del Rey finalists winning a free-kick in the first minute – but wasting their chance – and then Liverpool breaking immediately after through Lucas Leiva down the right, delivering a searching cross which no-one could get on the end of.

The Reds started dominantly, maintaining possession for most of the first 7 minutes, before eventually letting an absolute howler in.

It all seemed to happen in such slow motion. Diego Forlan completely mis-headed the ball, Reina misjudged the path of the ball, completely missing his jump, and Carragher, somehow, missed the clearance. It was definitely a sucker punch on the night.

Moments later, Yossi Benayoun almost immediately gets the ball in the Madrid net, only for it to be flagged for off-side. Something which replays show, weren’t true. The little Israeli was miles on.

The game carried on into half-time mainly as a midfield battle, with no chances of note. But in the second-half, the Reds seem to have a new mindset – a more attacking one.

For the first time all game, Liverpool put Atletico under consistent pressure. This was showing through their centre-backs too, as they seemed to be getting tired quite quickly.

Atletico though, managed to hold out for a while, and created some attacks of their own, with Simao getting a sliding-shot on target, only for Reina to make a magnificent save and palm it out for a corner.

With ten minutes to go, Liverpool won a free-kick 40-yards out. From the resulting free-kick, Kyrgiakos was being climbed all over in the Atletico box, and got booked for complaining about it. It just wasn’t going to be the Reds’ day.

The substitutes were largely uninspired, with Babel and El Zhar having next to no impact. Babel especially, giving the ball away needlessly when it would have been much easier to pass. El Zhar was completely anonymous for the 10 minutes in which he was on.

All-in-all, a dire performance from both teams. We’ll just have to slaughter them at Anfield instead.


Liverpool: Reina, Johnson, Carragher, Kyrgiakos, Agger, Kuyt, Lucas, Mascherano, Benayoun (El Zhar, 83), Gerrard, Ngog (Babel, 64). Subs: Cavalieri, Aquilani, Degen, El Zhar, Ayala, Pacheco, Babel.

Atletico: De Gea, Lopez, Ujfalusi, Dominguez, Raul Garcia, Perea, Assuncao, Simao, Forlan, Jurado, Reyes. Subs: Sergio Asenjo, Juanito, Leandro Cabrera, Valera, Camacho, Eduardo Salvio, Borja.

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Atletico Madrid 1-0 Liverpool

  1. Were at Anfield and that will count for a whole lot more than their home did for them and i don’t care if they’ve got aguero back because we’ve stopped better than him before and we are going to have to b strong at the back no matter what .

    I disagree with you Imran on the goal for athletico because everyone except Reina was caught ball watching and someone like Greek, Carra, or Jhonson should have defended the line behind reina or made a proper challenge to throw off a truly crap player who i hope we never buy !

    Benni’s goal should have stood but if thats all your going to produce on target all game then you don’t deserve a point no matter how much possession you have. we need a radical improvement on thursday and to cut them up YNWA !

  2. Both teams had equal posession,the difference being that their keeper wasn’t even tested once.Reina was brilliant for us but for the goal conceded where he should have done better.

    Benayoun’s goal should have been allowed as 1-1 would have been a fair result in my opinion.Our lack of firepower was was all too evident with N’gog flattering to deceive like he does most times.Would have made sense for either Kuyt or Pecheco starting up forward to try and get a crucial away goal but that would be too attack minded for a negative coach like Benitez.

    It’s anyone’s game now,the heart says L’pool but the head disagree’s because they’ll have Aguero back where as we’ll still be without Torres at Anfield.

  3. agree, i want benayoun out, bottled going up for that header which he should have nodded in at the far post, all we here about form that wet bloke, is i might go, i might not, just leave mate, he isnt close to a silva or mata or turan, sell him, every year we here his agent mouthing off and themyossi speakin about this and that. sell babel, sell reira, sell itandge sell plessies sell darby.sell degen and sell cavalierli, sell spearing sell el zhar and get this money in and add 4 top class players, it is as simple as this, WE NEED A BETTER STANDARD OF PLAYER AND THAT IS IT

    • Have to agree with you on that note ! im not a fan of Mascherano’s agent aswell always touting him around europe and claiming this and that ( it’s probably because of him that Masch aint signed on yet)

      Im fed up of the disloyalty from players this season, maybe it’s just the media sensationalising words however the fruition in how much has come out means that at the very least our players are talking too much and not doing enough on the pitch .

      I think that if this season wed have had a few more creative players as apposed to some of the drivel it could have been much different. We do need a massive clear out this summer and get quality around gerro , Torres, Masch and aqua , just hope that we get investment now !!!!!

  4. Im sorry but we just didn’t play with any kind of impetus in the whole game and got our just deserts for a very poor and uninterested performance.
    Our possession was poor our distribution was sloppy and ball control/touch was abysmal to say anything other would be a lie. We weren’t outplayed by a superior side but (as so very often this season) gave the game to them with a nice bow on top to boot.

    We could have so easily beaten this very average side at a canter had we tried last night but i guess a little first class rail trip and stop off in Paris with a 30 odd hr gap before the game was just too much for our icicle boo boo stars and their overpriced egos.

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