Chelsea 2-1 Liverpool

Liverpool fell at the final hurdle as we failed to complete a domestic cup double, with Chelsea getting revenge for what Jose Mourinho calls the 'ghost goal' in the European Cup Semi Final 7 years ago.

Liverpool's third trip to Wembley in as many months was a game too many in the competition for the reds, as a midfield error sent Chelsea on their way.  Didier Drogba doubled the lead for Chelsea, before the Liverpool fightback began primarily thanks to Andy Carroll.

The much maligned striker scored the reds first goal and heaped controversy on the officials when he thought he had scored the equaliser, but it was ruled out by the referee and his assistant.

It was Chelsea who got the early goal in the game - and Liverpool's faces were as red as their shirts.

Jay Spearing gave away the ball in midfield and Jose Enrique failed to track Ramires effectively.  To compound the misery, Pepe Reina let a relatively weak shot inside his near post as Chelsea went 1 up.

Chelsea were far from impressive, but they didn't need to be as Liverpool's midfield and Downing and Bellamy failed to offer enough support to Suarez up front.  Gerrard too looked a shadow of his former self despite playing in a more advanced role ahead of Henderson and Spearing.

The only other chance of significance fell to Bellamy but Ivanovic blocked the shot.

Seven minutes in to the second half and the reds task was made doubly difficult.

Lampard went past Spearing with ease and found Drogba. The Ivorian sent an angled shot through Skrtel's legs and past Reina in to the far corner.

Liverpool were fired out of their slumber.  A combination of the second goal and the switch to 4-4-2 as Carroll replaced Spearing.

The reds number 9 dominated the rest of the game and gave the reds a glimmer of hope with his 64th minute goal.

Twisting and turning John Terry he fired an exquisite drive in to the roof of the net.

Carroll and Suarez began to combine to create more opportunities for the reds and with 8 minutes left Carroll rose to head goalbound.  Cech scrambled the ball but Carroll was away and celebrating.

The referee and assistant elected not to give the goal and despite TV stations showing replay after replay there was little decisiveness either way.

Liverpool continued to press in to the 5th minute of injury time but they had left it too late and Chelsea secured the FA Cup.

Next up for Liverpool - Chelsea at home.



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Chelsea 2-1 Liverpool

  1. So Carroll suddenly comes into form and he’s on the bench for most of the match. Why?
    He came on and we saw the game we were capable of. Bellamy, Henderson, Enrique not equal to the opposition. Kuyt is still the best we have and it grieves me that he’s sitting on the bench when he could give us a flying start. It’s all wrong and it needs putting right.

  2. I don’t think it’s a question of ABILITY per se Imran – The fact that when we Started playing? Chelsea could Not handle us at all & We looked as Utterly Dominant of them as we had in All Kenny’s previous 12 unbeaten matches against Chelsea showed that (& didn’t you just KNOW the blemish Just Had to come at 13?).  It’s Mentality & Experience that are what’s wrong with us I think; As you say? We had to be Woken from our slumbers & looked Scared to play before that as we have All to often at times in this ridiculous excuse for a season but When we played as we can? We utterly dominated the match & Chelsea could do not a thing about it – It’s been like that all season in truth – We either Have to be worken up & then tear teams to shreds all to late or only just winning or we dominate from the start & shoot ourselves in the foot to end up either drawing or losing & having not a clue how to FORCE the wins we deserve – There’s definitely Something wrong with our Team (& Squad’s) Mentality if you ask me.  And that? Is something that Really Needs Addressing IMO & soon.  What’s the answer? Don’t know but Kenny needs to find it & soon…………..

    Still we should be happy to have Won ONE trophy which looks like being one More than the Manc’s & keeps US at the top of the English Game & out in front on ‘Trophies Won’ if nothing else & don’t forget also That? Is more than all bar Three other clubs in England (out of 92) will win so it’s something if small consolation right now.  Mind you getting the winner’s mentality for our players is as I said? Part of the problem & Cups & cup Finals as per the two cup runs this season? ALL help in instilling that – Is how Fergie did it at United in the early 90’s & look what They grew into? Our players of youth & little experience This time out? Will all be a year older, wiser & more experienced at Winning next time & over the team & the seasons to come.

    In many cases? That Will tell in the end, all of it & to our benefit as well.  They say the longest journey begins with a single step? Well I think we just TOOK ours to getting back on ‘our perch’ after So many obstacles & setbacks; Yes it was smaller than we’d hoped (this season as a whole) & yes there’s Plenty left to do as yet but the FIRST step on our road back? Has now been taken & that can only be good for the club.  Kenny don’t forget is the Only man to win the league as our boss Still alive & well & with Four English league titles? Has won more as a manager than any other English Club’s Boss bar Ferguson (including Mourinho & Wenger).  That experience of his in the end in will tell as under Kenny?  We WILL get there don’t worry & When we do? Things will change & turn about dramatically in English football for us & for everyone else – Mark my words………………………..

  3. We only start pleying after the opposition has put a few past us. First Chelsea goal was due to bad defending and goalkeeping. Yes, the Carroll header did not cross the line so was rightly not given.

    Played well for the last half and hour of the match still even if we had won it would have made little difference like covering cracks with wallpaper. Henderson and Spearing are not going to frighten anyone let alone a class side like Chelsea.

    We have no pace and lack creativity in the middle with Gerard looking increasingly average these days not that he has anything to prove, it will be interesting to see if Aqualani or/and Joe Cole return next season. Up front we’re badly in need of a goalscorer too…

    Our scouting system is terrible at recommending players with Kenny not much better either, he looks stuck in a time war with his slow 1980’s style of play. We could have signed both Cisse now at Newcastle and Everton’s Jelavic less then what we paid for the useless Henderson, Kenny must take responsibility for this.

    Ours season is over but what i am eager too see is that if Kenny resigns or is sacked at the end of it because i wouldn’t trust him with any more funds.

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