Liverpool 3-2 Werder Bremen

Andriy Voronin scores twice against BremenAndriy Voronin doesn’t appear to be sticking to the script. The free transfer showed the £26 million Torres and the watching Rafa Benitez that he has no intention of sitting on the Anfield bench.

The reds won 3-2 against one of Germany’s best sides tonight in the most intriguing pre-season game to date.

Andriy Voronin scored twice and was a menace during his time on the pitch. Fernando Torres came on to replace him and had a solid debut – coming close twice to opening his Liverpool account. Good news for reds fans is that Momo Sissoko is starting to find his feet against better opposition.

Liverpool will take heart from this performance and the reds will face Djibril Cisse’s old club, Auxerre, on Friday night.


Liverpool: Carson, Riise, Hyypia, Paletta, Finnan, El Zhar, Gerrard MBE, Hobbs, Pennant, Crouch, Voronin Subs – Agger, Babel, Kuyt, Benayoun, Carragher, Darby, Arbeloa, Torres, Mihaylov, Alonso, Sissoko

Werder Bremen: Wiese, Baumann, Fritz, Rosenberg, Andreason, Alberto, Frings (captain), Borowski, Niemeyer, Schulz, Schindler. Subs – Bischoff, Vranjes, Loning, Pellatz, Almelda, Jensen, Wome

Referee: Daniel Wermelinger

Attendance: 10,180


  • 1st goal – Voronin
  • 2nd goal – Riise
  • 3rd goal – Voronin
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    Liverpool 3-2 Werder Bremen

    1. i think voronin is scoring as he feels no pressure! all the pressure is on Torres, as no one was expecting voronin ‘a free transfer’ to be any good. He just relaxed and playing good football. think he could be a surprise package this season. I just hope the pressure of the big price tag does not ‘choke’ Torres. Fingers crossed for a good season

    2. veronin will be the next premiership berbatov, i hope he will keep the same shape as he done yesterday for the new season. veronin and torres up front it will be a big bet. thanks to mr benitez for bringing them at home.

    3. I think Rafa should change the Liverpool squad from 4-4-2 to a 4-3-3
      It wil really help the team’s new players to show their skills.
      Kuyt,Veronin and Torres should be in the front.
      Gerrard,Yossi and Alonso should be in Midfield.
      Pennant,Risse,Sissiko and Carrigaer at defence,and you know the rest.

      We have been winning all the pre-season games so far and i hope we win the Premier league so tht the other websites won’t publish stupid jokes about us.

    4. bring back titi camara and cisse….but mr veronin looks the package and he cost f**k all which is the beauty. its a win win situation. looking foward to seeing the strikers fight it out in the new season. 4-4-3 formation cant see rafa dropping talent to the bench.

    5. He looked sharp and hungry for a place in the team, which will be nothing but good for us!

      I also noticed in the game that our strikers are coming too far back as per usual! When we are defending we should have at least one player (preferably a striker) no further back than the half way line incase we break away!

      I just think a forwards job is to attack and not defend!

      I am keen to see Torres get a decent run out! There was glimpses of his ability against Werder Bremenn, if Voronin plays the way he did last night all the forwards will have to fight for a place.

    6. Yeah maybe so but who’s Michael Owen? he stabbed us in the backa nd besides he keeps on get injured all the time and he better say away from Liverpool if he has any sense. But yeah Veronin scored twice and non of the other strikers scored did they so they better get their shooting boots on other wise we won’t win anything and it’s bad enough seeing them out of are sites!!!.

    7. Benitez please buy mancini and quaresma to help play the balls for voronin,Kuyt,Babel,Torres and crouch and Bring the title back to us after a 17 year absence

    8. i think that voronin is a decent player, but he will still be at the back of the queue when the season starts, he played well but i dont think that he will play this well in the prem week in week out

    9. I think Voronin was very good in this game. Not outstanding, but very good. He always fight, he always work when he is in. Maybe Vorona is not such a star like Torres but he’ll always do everything he can. He’s very nice guy with a great sense of humour and reall “Duracell-rabbit”, believe me…

    10. i think voronin looks like a good purchase, he has came in under the radar and has practically no pressure on him because he came on a free. this coming season we have more attacking options than we’ve had in years and i expect all the strikers to step up and start banging in the goals that we need to bring back the title……..

    11. Look Werder Berman are one of Germany top teams if you didnt know (Karen), so how could the defending be that terrible. Ok the first goal the pass was slacky but that showed Voronin has pace and is very sharp. The Tjird goal Voronin broke the offside trap so how the hell does that involve the defence. Plus he still had to put the ball in the net. Voronin is a very talented player and if you still believe Micheal Owen is the best you better open your eyes as he now plays for Newcastle and has been injured.

    12. Well, I think it has nothing related to Voronin’s talent but just the problems of the defenders of the opposing team! I don’t think he runs fast enough, his football skill is just normal. Overall, I do not think he is a special player! I think Michael Owen is far better than him !!!

    13. Wow Voronin really looked good. Let’s hope he keeps it up. he’s got pace,stamina,strength and shot power. Whatelse are we looking for lads

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