Liverpool 1-2 Blackpool

Premier League
Sunday 03 October 2010 - 3:00 pm
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A Liverpool fan holds up a banner in protest after their English Premier League soccer match against Blackpool at Anfield in Liverpool, northern England, October 3, 2010.  REUTERS/Darren Staples  (BRITAIN - Tags: SPORT SOCCER) NO ONLINE/INTERNET USAGE WITHOUT A LICENCE FROM THE FOOTBALL DATA CO LTD. FOR LICENCE ENQUIRIES PLEASE TELEPHONE ++44 (0)

Liverpool Football Club today plumbed new footballing depths as they sank in to the relegation zone after losing to newly promoted Blackpool.

Before the game thousands of fans marched in protest against the owners and the Royal Bank of Scotland who finance them.  By the end of the game chants of ‘Dalglish’ were echoing around the ground as the fans made their feelings known on Hodgson’s ability in the Anfield hot-seat.

Blackpool totally dominated the first half which saw the reds defence constantly torn apart as the reds made Blackpool look like Premier League title shoe-in’s.

The reds responded in the second half, but it was Blackpool who finished the game stronger as Liverpool spent the majority of the game chasing shadows.

Glen Johnson gave away a penalty which was dispatched by the seasiders, before Blackpool scored on the stroke of half time in one of their numerous pieces of excellent attacking football in the first half.

The reds responded strongly in the first period of the second half, Kyrgiakos heading home from a quickly taken Steven Gerrard free kick.

But the reds were always second best, and Blackpool ended the game strongly as Liverpool’s XI finished with players in all sorts of new positions.

The reds are in the relegation zone and have 6 points out of a potential 21 in the first seven games of the season.

More worrying for Liverpool is that they fully deserve their league position.

Roy Hodgson’s last attempt at managing a big club in the Premier League, the Jack Walker millionaire Blackburn saw him win 1 of the first 14 games, placing his team bottom of the league, before he was removed from his position.

Liverpool may not be able to afford to give him another 7 games on present form.

Next up – the Merseyside Derby at Goodison. In what, embarrassingly, is a relegation crunch match.

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Liverpool 1-2 Blackpool

  1. what’s happened to our team, the football is so boring, i think it was a waste of time sacking benitez we should of kept the 6 million, i dont think Hodgson can handle the job, with fulham a few draws and a defeat isnt too bad but with liverpool its a crysis.

  2. our club lack passion and desire a broken team just going through the motions. fed up with players who earn big money playing like a local team on a village green

  3. Lads, can we stop blaming the Americans and instead put the blame at the players doors. The defending was full of schoolboy errors and this was from a back four with well over 100 international caps between them. No player took responsibility in midfield and grabbed the game by the scruff of the neck. The forwards were non existant after Torres went off. Ngog and Kuyt cannot control or hold up a ball. The balance of the squad is all wrong. Centre midfielders out wide? who was holding midfield?

    • stop blaming the players…woy is already doing enough of this …no wonder that they are not playing for him…lambasting the reserve team and he has only been at pool for 5 mins …how can you respect that …he is a puss for publicly blaming the players. he did the same with masch after HE was tactically inept with his dinosaur version of the longball 4-4-2

      wake up its the manager, defensive,no possession no pressing….can you see torres he should not be playing this crap-blame him too?

  4. what a disgrace, some of are fans are, why are most of you still going into the ground! you will not get it will you…..

    untill we stop going into the ground and stay outside and sing and protest and etc while the gound( most of it remains empty) then th owners have nothing to worry about.

    wake up the lot of you, well done SOS for the demo and protest but why are fabs still paying money to the club, then ideed to the con men yanks? please let me know, its time to act and full boycott…

  5. This has to be one of the lowest (On pitch) points since I’ve supported Liverpool FC more than 34 years ago. Where has the team fight gone ? and where has the teamwork gone ? It was like watching someone playing FIFA on the Xbox 360 who hadn’t read the instructions and didn’t know which button to press. We have gone from being a top class team and club to a laughting stock in a matter of a year. We need to replace Roy with someone ‘big’ enough to get the job done (Kenny or O’Neil) quickly

  6. i just can’t see us getting a win in our next 4 league games if we carry on like this, why is it we don’t start playing until we go a goal or two down?

  7. they say dont panic early days yet, but it is time to panic,hodgson brought in to steady the ship, well i t say the ship is floundering. its time for a rethink manager wise, surly his days are numbered.what does these results do to future investments?

  8. “Newly relegated Blackpool”? I know we are massive underdogs, but surely we can’t be relegated in October. All jokes aside, I must say what a proud moment for a Tangerine supporter. Despite all of Liverpool’s current malaise, I would have been satisfied with just a decent showing, unlike the hammerings we received at Arsenal and Chelsea. But this result proves that teamwork, belief and unity are far more important than star players. Our entire squad costs less than some of their individuals.

  9. Just a note regarding your first sentence; My team, Blackpool have just been ‘promoted’ not relegated as you state. Relegation will be your fate if you continue to play like you did today.

    • Indeed. Apologies. I hope you can forgive us for having ‘relegation’ on the brain.

      Blackpool played some superb attacking and determined football yesterday and I hope they keep up their brand of football and deservedly stay in the Premier League.

  10. Shame on All that played today. The players should not be paid and the fans that went to the game should be given a free pass to the next home game. All of the other clubs in England are laughing at us NOT because Blackpool beat us (credit where credit is due) but 6 points out of 21. What once was the most feared mighty Liverpool and the fortress of Anfield is now crumbling away around us. Something has got to be done and NOW.

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