Poor Liverpool humbled by Arsenal at Anfield

Premier League
Sunday 02 September 2012 - 1:30 pm
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Liverpool 0-2 Arsenal

The reds were on the wrong end of the result at Anfield, in a game in which the reds were out-passed, out-thought and out-classed by the Gunners who grabbed their first win of the season.

Pepe Reina was easily beaten by Podolski's opener

Pepe Reina was easily beaten by Podolski's opener

Liverpool are currently enduring their worst start to a season for 50 years, and after the transfer debacle - only two senior strikers in the entire squad, there was little hope of a saviour from off Liverpool's weakened bench.

Steven Gerrard and Luis Suarez both had exceptionally poor games - and the decision to play both on Thursday against Hearts may have had some impact on their jaded performances.

Pepe Reina continues with his poor form - both goals conceded in sloppy fashion by the 30 year old keeper.

Nuri Sahin made his Liverpool debut alongside Steven Gerrard and Joe Allen, but it was only the young Welshman who could leave the field having known he had put in a decent shift.

Arsenal dominated Liverpool in midfield, and Suarez was too often left isolated up front.   The football tacticians will tell you that Liverpool play 4-3-3, but this was nothing more than a basic defensive 4-5-1.  Liverpool attempted to pass around at the back, but forays in to the opposition half were few and far between and the reds clearly misunderstood the '7 second rule' - as they struggled to retain the ball longer than that length of time - a misguided pass back to Arsenal was commonplace.

It was Steven Gerrard who gave the ball away just outside Arsenal's penalty area that led to the opening goal. Cazorla surged up the pitch before finding Podolski who easily beat the nervous Pepe Reina in front of the Kop.  Gerrard's giveaway was symptomatic of a tired labouring performance from the captain - memories of his surging runs from 3 seasons back looking like they may only be seen again on DVD's.

Cazorla scored Arsenal's second twenty minutes before the end of the game - his shot timidly helped in to the net by Reina.

Liverpool never really threatened - and although they did have a number of corners - many didn't even beat the first man.

Brendan Rodgers will have time now to work on a few things - but he has not helped himself by allowing so many forwards to leave the club for peanuts.

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Poor Liverpool humbled by Arsenal at Anfield

  1. The sacking of King Kenny was a monumental mistake that will have a catastrophic consequence on our club. To give him a contract, and sanction an expenditure of 60 million plus on new players and then give him just one season to complete an exercise that would take three seasons, was madness. What Now! How long do they expect it will take Rodgers to create a whole new philosophy, build a complete new team. If they had held their nerve and stayed with Kenny, this season was the season to judge him. In my opinion he would have got us fourth place at least. Now, especially after the complete cock up of this last week, we will be lucky if we get 8th spot again. The mistakes the owners of our great club have made will cost us our position as a great club, we now face years as a middle of the table club. I just hope to God it will not cost our place in the Premiership. YES It’s as bad as that!

  2. What is the ratio of Liverpool corners taken that result in a goal! A team that concedes two goals a game is relegation material! Mess up in transfers is another! Lack of investment in players and new ground is another! Goalkeeper flapping is another and relying on one old guard in centre field is another. See ya in the Championship next year

    • Why bother to comment if you ain’t a real Liverpool fan. You are wasting my time to read your stupid response and your stupid time to write. Moron!!

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