Liverpool go top again despite discarding two points at Swansea

Premier League
Monday 16 September 2013 - 8:00 pm
Liberty Stadium
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Liverpool were involved in a game of two halves at the Liberty Stadium, with former red Jonjo Shelvey centre-stage.

The former Liverpool midfielder scored, created two Liverpool goals before helping Swansea to their equaliser in an intriguing performance.

Within 2 minutes the bald headed Londoner put the ball in the back of the reds net after scurrying past Sakho and Skrtel.

Sakho had been given a surprise debut after Daniel Agger was removed from reds starting line up late on.

Just a minute after his goal, Shelvey attempted a backpass that Sturridge reacted quickest to - scoring his 6th goal of the season, and his 4th Premier League goal in 4 consecutive Premier League starts.

Liverpool enjoyed a spell of fine possession, with the other debutant Victor Moses, contributing 3 excellent crosses in the first half hour of his Liverpool career.  Shortly after, in minute 36 he picked up another 'Hollywood pass' from Shelvey and headed straight towards goal before flashing a shot past Vorm in the Swans goal.

The South Wales evening post  on Jonjo Shelvey

Jonjo Shelvey said Sorry to the Swansea fans after setting up two LFC goals

A deserved 2-1 lead for Liverpool at half time, although Swansea did end the first half strongest.

The second half though was similar to all of Liverpool's performances this season.  Second half = second rate.

The reds only managed 30% possession in the half, and after starting poorly, Ashley Williams handed out some rough punishment to Coutinho who was withdrawn shortly after clutching his shoulder.

The replacement with Iago Aspas was not a good one and Liverpool went from poor to awful.

The referee was busy in the following five minutes as the game got tetchy, Shelvey, Lucas and Wisdom all got a yellow card  in the spell. Routledge escaped censure for kneeing Lucas in the head.

Swansea have been awful in the league since they won the League Cup back in the Spring, but there is nothing like a second half against Liverpool to improve your confidence.

While Swansea were playing football, the reds took every opportunity to give the Welsh side the ball back.  From Brendan Rodgers' point of view this was less tika-taka and more kickit-backa.

Eventually Swansea got a deserved equaliser.

The shining bonce of Shelvey heading on for Michu to put the ball past Mignolet.  Mignolet was far the busier of the goalkeepers in the second half - making a number of good saves, but also making a good number of needless hoofs up the pitch to a player with a Swan emblazoned on their shirt.

Liverpool had a few corners which they duly wasted, and Gerrard took one especially lazy looking free kick that sauntered over the crossbar.

With two minutes left, the reds finally broke free and from a throw-in just yards from the Swansea penalty area they managed to get it back to Mignolet within 5 passes and about 10 seconds.  Impressive point-salvaging stuff.

Liverpool hung on for the draw which sees them go a point clear at the top of the league.

Some fans will be so thrilled at being top so soon that their judgement will be clouded.

Ours isn't.

It's going to be a very bumpy downhill ride unless Liverpool correct their inability to play for more than 45 minutes of a football game.

Victor Moses had a good start to his career although fitness clearly an issue.  Mamadou Sakho was thrown in at the deep end with such a late call up.  He had great moments he had bad moments.  A bit like that Shelvey lad we mentioned earlier.

Iago Aspas yet again failed to do the number 9 shirt justice.  Still early days but he's currently looking like a less attractive Fabio Borini.

Sturridge insisted after the game he still isn't fit - so that's promising - not to mention the fact that we've got some Uruguayan bloke with anger issues due back after our next game.

Next up for Liverpool is Southampton at Anfield on Saturday.

6 comments on
Liverpool go top again despite discarding two points at Swansea

  1. So Coutinho’s out for about 6 weeks. Time for others to step up to the plate. It’s imperative that in January we got out and sign another playmaker to compete with Coutinho in that position. For now it’s possible that Surez may play there and him and Sturridge keep swapping places. Maybe bringing Moses into the centre is an option. I guess we’ll see in time

  2. Last night showed our vulnerabilities. We sit back too much & started to look shaky at times. If Agger isn’t fit for the w/e then we need Toure back in there. I think Sakho will be a good player in time but he didn’t convince me last night. I was pleased by Moses contribution though, not just his goal. The worrying thing is Coutinho’s injury, if he’s out of the side I don’t think we have another player to fit in his role. We need to address this in January. For now we are still top of the league, we need to go in to the Southampton game attacking them, keeping the desire and having the same team spirit we showed in the Stoke, Villa and Man U games. Stay positive reds and keep backing our team

  3. I predicated a draw, and was more convinced when saw that (apparently due to a knock) dAgger wasnt paired with Skrtel , causing 2 changes in Lfc defence – IMO BR isnt a defensive tactician …and throwing Sahko in seemed rash, why not Toure? defendersneed more time to “Gel”
    Coutinho clattered and subbed – He and Studge are going to be “targeted” this season
    … Daniel S is scoring every game, but may not always avoid injury, whilst some people are “dishing” Luis, Suarez is rarely out injured a GREAT advantage
    2-2 and top of the table ..the F S G clones and fannioes wil be wetting themselves
    but none of the 4 “performances” have convinced me…a long way to go and we will see where we are in December, MY hope is that Lucas & SG can carry the team through, as we may be fortunate that the league isnt as strong this season as is past years,,, (p.s. another note to BR, when u allowed Pepe to be WRONGLY removed from OUR CLUB, u lost his distribution value, Pepe rarely lost possesion so easily…..)

  4. Aspas failed to do the No 9 shirt justice while playing the No 10 position. There’s a shock.
    That substitution had Luis Alberto written all over it.

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