LFC 4-0 Everton: Liverpool smash dismal Everton apart

Premier League
Wednesday 20 April 2016 - 8:00 pm
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⚽️ Origi43'
⚽️ Sakho45'
⚽️ Sturridge61'
⚽️ Coutinho76'
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Liverpool utilised the 226th Merseyside derby as an opportunity to tear Everton apart.

Liverpool 4-0 Everton

The last Merseyside derby - a dour 1-1 match at Goodison ended Brendan Rodgers tenure at Liverpool.  This game, Klopp's first as Liverpool manager, was as one sided as any derby in living memory.  Liverpool have walloped Everton before, obviously, but this was even more one sided than their last humiliation two season ago when Suarez was a Liverpool player.

So poor were Everton that Simon Mignolet could have spent the evening at home.  Everton touched the ball 3 times in 90 minutes in Liverpool's penalty area and failed to trouble the goalkeeper on a single occasion.

Martinez picked a surprisingly strong side ahead of their FA Cup semi final but it was to no avail.  Although the reds started in untidy fashion by the middle of the first half they had begun to control the game.  By half time the reds were 2-0 up - Divock Origi and Mamadou Sakho on the scoresheet.

Early in the second half Mori was sent off for the blues after a stamp on the ankle of Divock Origi.  The Liverpool striker had to be stretched off.  But as the moronic Everton defender walked off kissing the badge of the dogs of war the reds sent on Daniel Sturridge as his replacement.

Sturridge, conveniently, scored Liverpool's third before Coutinho added a fourth.

Liverpool could, and possibly should, have added a good handful more.  Everton had had enough.  Liverpool enjoyed a 2 minute spell of possession with each pass cheered.  Luckily for the blues the ball went out for a throw in to end the growing noise inside Anfield.

Everton's highlight of the night was probably their lighting and throwing of the purple flare which resulted in a ball boy having to leave the ground.

It is now 17 years since Everton won at Anfield, slightly less than the number of years since they last won a trophy - the Anfield crowd did offer them reminders during the course of this game.

Next up for Liverpool is Newcastle United on Saturday.  Next up for Everton are their heroes Man United - who no doubt they can sing songs together about Liverpool.

Liverpool 4 Everton Nil.

Klopp Post Match:

"It was really difficult for Everton: red card, injuries, good opponent.

"The second half changed completely with the red card and then the next change when John Stones had to come off that was really not easy for Everton.

"There was no real fight any more. That is not usual. There have been a lot more intensive derbies for sure and there will be a lot more intensive derbies."

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LFC 4-0 Everton: Liverpool smash dismal Everton apart

  1. Ye’re a small time club living in the shadow of LFC , small minded and bitter about the course ye’ve taken . Ye’ve won nothing since Joe Royle and still won’t win nothing for decades to come the mancs will smash ye and hopefully they’ll get smashed in the final .

  2. Absolutely nothing to be triumphant about here my friend. This is the worst defending Everton team ever. They have already created the worst home record in the entire history of the club, and literally any team can score two or more goals a game against them. It sounds ridiculous but you really should have scored eight or nine there tonight. We were literally giving you the ball in acres of space in and around the box. i couldn’t believe what I was watching. Smacked to me of some of the players actually wanting Martinez out of the way. The smug, snidey lines herein are born out of a history of long ago in the 70s and 80’s when you really did have a great team. It’s this supercillious arrogance that Evertonians can’t stand about the modern Liverpudlian attitude. A new manager and a 150 mil spend next season will make this nightmare a thing of thing of the past, and we will be very competitive at that spend I assure you. Bet this doesn’t get posted, if it does good on yer as it needed saying!

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