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Shankly: 59-64 The Dynasty Began

On the 1st December 1959, 50 years ago today, Bill Shankly agreed a deal to join Liverpool Football Club as manager.

In these days when being 3 points off 3rd place has people (and the moronic media) ranting and raving, it is wise to remember that 50 years ago Liverpool were a struggling second division side, with a relatively minor history and a bleak future.

One man started an empire that has ensured Liverpool have been at the forefront of football ever since, and are now one of the most popular sporting institutions in the World.

59-64 “The Dynasty Began”

First of December
Ninety Fifty Nine
We appointed a new manager
A legend of all time

We got him from Huddersfield
The Yorkshire terriers
And from that moment on
Every side would fear us

He came to us with a plan
To change our direction
And once he’d done that
He had won our affection

Because after we’d won
Division Two with much ease
We’d storm the top flight
And be crowned Kings of the League

So between fifty nine and sixty four
The foundations were laid
And now The Dynasty Began
For Bill Shankly and his Red Brigade

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Shankly: 59-64 The Dynasty Began

  1. And there hasn’t been anyone, anywhere in the world that compares to the one and only. Pre or Post war.
    He will always be remebered NEVER forgotten.


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