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Benitez and Chelsea – a match made in hell?

Let me tell you a story. A few years ago I was in a very happy relationship. I was having the time of my life with frequent trips to Spain, Italy, France and the best holiday I’ve ever had in Turkey. And, to dispel the rumours that I am high maintenance, the relationship was so strong that simply going to Wales the following year was just as good.

It had got to the point that we’d even committed to each other for the long term. I thought that we would spend many more happy years together, with more trips to the continent and a yearly trek down to London. But then things turned sour. We were happy between ourselves, but due to circumstances forced by a fair few meddling outsiders, we felt like we were under siege from all sides. We sadly went our separate ways.

I was devastated. I had that feeling that things just wouldn’t get any better than we had it together for those few years. I went on a downward spiral, hooking up with someone who was somehow older yet less experienced. I know it wasn’t their fault but they just didn’t get me. I’ve since partnered up with an old flame from Scotland who knows exactly what I am like. The trips to Europe aren’t quite there yet but we’ve been to London early this year, just in case we don’t get the chance in May. I feel happy again.

But the news has come to light that the old flame may be set to hook up with someone else. And while I have been lucky to find happiness again, I just feel that they aren’t quite good enough for them. I can’t bear the thought of them sharing those old European trips together. And, as selfish as it may sound, I know that however much I feel for the old flame I just won’t be able to bring myself to be happy for them.

I am of course referring to our collective relationship with a certain Rafael Benitez. While not everyone will have been as devastated as I was when we were forced apart, it is safe to say that we were sitting prettier with Rafa than we were with Mr Hodgson. The above sums up the feelings I’ve had since the rumours that the relationship between Andre Villas-Boas and Chelsea has failed to take off. I couldn’t care less about the happiness of Chelsea fans, and to some extent the happiness of poor old Andre. But when Rafa’s name starts to come into the equation, that’s when our involvement comes into play.

It’s not about wanting to bring Benitez back to Liverpool – not in the short term at least. Whether you think his ship has sailed or Rafa has unfinished business here, Kenny deserves his second shot right now – and is showing it with a cup already. Though the similarities between a certain Mr Dalglish and big spending Blackburn are glaringly similar, if Rafa did eventually come back one day for his second chance under new ownership, perhaps a Chelsea link could tarnish the memories we once had.

My feelings are simply down to the fact that that Chelsea Football Club aren’t good enough for Rafa Benitez. From the meddling owner, all the way down to the fickle plastic flag waving fans – their whole ethos goes against ours and, given his obvious affinity with us both as a club and a city, I just can’t see Rafa finding happiness there.

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Benitez and Chelsea – a match made in hell?

  1. Why do you guys censor?  You open a forum for discussion, and then censor any dissenting views.  Weird, huh!
    I’ll try again.Rafa who??

  2. Benitez needs to remember what the rent boys did between 2004-2006, when they tapped up Gerrard and were talking to Gerrard’s agent behind LFC’s back. 

  3. Well, Benitez is happy at Liverpool. He lives in the area, his children go to a local school and his wife is involved in charity work there. Why leave?
    Now, we cannot really tell him not to go to another club if he has the urge to go into coaching again. Whether it’s the right club or not, I think going to Chelsea would be a mad thing to do, for Benitez or for 99% of the other managers who would be tempted. The money spent into bringing (poaching) AVB from Portugal was crazy, all that for 9 months at the club. I really hope Abramovich leaves Chelsea sooner rather than later.

    • No, the longer Abramovich stays at Chelsea the more havoc he’ll wreak there and the less of a force Chelsea will become.  He’s going through managers the way Zsa Zsa Gabor goes through husbands.  As Rod Steiger said in ‘Waterloo’, ‘ Never interrupt your opponent when he’s making a mistake, it’s bad manners.’   If the situation at Chelsea gets any more dysfunctional, maybe another Iberian legend might get to wondering what he’s doing there and he might decide he wants to come back to us and instead of competing with Drogba he might decide a link-up with Suarez is just the ticket, El Nino and El Pistolero . . ., mucho bang bang

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