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Keep calm and stop biting

Luis Suarez is a troubled soul. Clearly.

Biting another person is unacceptable in any walk of life. It’s indefensible, but do we really need tabloid journalists, God bless their wee cotton socks, to tell us that? Please, spare me the indignation.

Watching the unfolding of Luis Suarez’s latest indiscretion, it was hard to feel anything but gutted.
- Eamonn Bermingham

Watching the unfolding of Luis Suarez’s latest indiscretion, it was hard to feel anything but gutted. Coming off the back of his best ever season, this was supposed to be his tournament. But instead, the world of football finds itself in the middle of the best World Cup in a generation talking about something other than football. Why always you, Luis?

If anyone is laughing now it must be Roy Hodgson. What a day to bury bad news! Ordinarily The Hodge’s head would likely have been turned into a root vegetable of some description following England’s tame showing in Brazil, but luckily for him, the red tops had bigger fish to fry today.

And fry him they will, because that’s what we’re supposed to do with our villains, right? Think Cantona after his infamous kung fu kick, or Beckham after his petulant lash out at Simeone in 1998. Both burnt at the proverbial stake for their misdemeanours.

Where would we be without the guiding hands of The S*n and others? Thank heavens for their impeccable moral compasses. And thanks too for the insights of ex-defender Danny Mills, who had this to offer:

“They have got to throw him in jail and lock him up forever.”

Good to see he’s not losing perspective.

What this all means for Liverpool is anyone’s guess. Both Barcelona and Real Madrid are undoubtedly interested in signing the striker, but how far, if at all, will this latest incident have caused that interest to wane?

There have even been suggestions that Liverpool will look to draw a line in the sand and offload their prized asset, implausible as that scenario seemed a couple of days ago. Some supporters are already saying they want rid.

Like most Liverpool fans, I watched Suarez with a sense of pride last season. He was easily the stand-out performer in the league and looked to have matured as a person as much as he’d improved as a player.

And then he goes and (allegedly) bites someone. Again. What was he thinking?

The fact of the matter is that Luis Suarez appears to have a problem with biting other people. He knows it’s wrong, but he does it anyway. Does that mean I want Liverpool to sell him? No. Maybe I need my moral compass adjusted, but I’d quite happily see him score another 30 goals for us next season.

Besides, what if he were to come back and bite one of our players? Better to have him inside the tent pissing out, than outside the tent pissing in, as a wise man once said.

Eamonn BerminghamArticle by Eamonn Bermingham
Fan of Momo Sissoko and cheese slices, though never together. Australian-based Irishman.You can follow Eamonn on twitter

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