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The rest of LFC’s season – a tale of two halves

With about a quarter of the Premier League campaign left, the chatter of Liverpool winning it has grown to a roar after the weekend's plunder.

Sitting 4 points away from the top with a game in hand and nine to go I wondered what the road to the top may look like.

I looked at the rest of the league games and assumed that the top four win out against all the others with one possible exception (Man Utd manage a draw with City) and for practical reasons eliminating them, Spurs and Everton from winning the League.

Here’s one possible scenario, a tale of two halves.

The next Four games

The next 3 weeks, the “first half” of the rest of the campaign, the Reds arguably have the least difficult schedule among the top 4 as they don't play any of their top four rivals, unlike the other three. Liverpool start against two teams entrenched in the relegation zone, Cardiff and Sunderland.

Although desperation makes them dangerous, they are there for a reason. Surely Brendan Rodgers knows better than to take them for granted and will undoubtedly convey the same to the lads who probably won't need it to begin with. They then host the reeling Spurs, the toughest match of this initial stretch (on paper), and end with West Ham on the road.

It would not be overly optimistic to expect all 12 points, though if you realize this would mean a 9 game winning streak it may sound a little more daunting.

Chelsea will win their 4 games, among them hosting Arsenal. City will give up points at Old Trafford on March 25th and if not at the Emirates 4 days later.

At the end of this first half, Chelsea will be on top with 75, Liverpool a point behind and City 2 points with 2 games in hand. Arsenal at 68 or 69 would be out given the assumptions.

The Final Stretch

For the final stretch City has 7 matches. Only one is against the top 4. And that would be Liverpool.

This is when it gets really interesting.

Bad news for the Reds is they have the hardest schedule among the top 4. They will face both Chelsea and City, the only games for each of those against a fellow top 4 side.

Looking at the positives however - both games are at Anfield, where our record of 12-1-1 has produced 12 more points than from away games and with one less game.

But even more importantly, the Reds will face a rare opportunity to truly be legendary in this already historical season. They would be in direct control of their title destiny. In an April to remember for the ages, they will beat Manchester City on the 13th, and Chelsea two weeks later and two weeks later will hoist the league.

Of course if this scenario is to become true it requires the Reds end the season on a 14 game winning streak - it all looks extremely daunting. But for now we'll see how history unfolds, one week at a time.

Nonetheless, my prediction

Liverpool 89,
City 88, Chelsea 87, Arsenal 83

* Ramon Abad is a Liverpool supporter who lives in Texas.  When he's not watching Liverpool smashing the ball into the net, he'll be watching the basketball.

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The rest of LFC’s season – a tale of two halves

  1. Fingers crossed that the rest drop points and take them off each other in the next four games then. Still think Man City are the danger side.

    You are right about Sunderland and Cardiff though. They are at the bottom for a reason. We’ve done so well recently against the better sides that those two next games should be 6 points.

    If we can match the 86 points we got in 2009 then I think that will be enough. Big ask though!

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