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Gerrard’s Anfield farewell should not hide Liverpool’s shortcomings this season

With the whopping majority of the attention turned towards Steven Gerrard who is of course on his way out of Liverpool after 17 glorious years, I'll take this opportunity to look beyond all the emotions and tears to ponder into some other issues and see where we stand at the end of the campaign.

This season has been nothing short of a disaster.

After the kind of success that we enjoyed last season, the least that we Reds were expecting from our present campaign was another year in the Champions League.

In fact, quite a large number of people were expecting another title charge at the least after getting a lot of inspiration and hope from our performance in the Premier League the previous season. The vast gulf between expectation and what we ended up getting is truly depressing.

A fifth place finish (possibly) with only the Europa League to look forward to is what we have claimed for ourselves. This achievement is worth nothing at all, at least in my book. I cannot repeat how dissatisfied I am with my team's performance this year. In fact, I think that Brendan Rodgers is extremely lucky to have an event as big as Steven Gerrard's Liverpool departure happening right now.

Brendan Rodgers is under pressure now at Liverpool

Brendan Rodgers has struggled at Liverpool this season

Yes, the entire footballing community is obsessed about the fact that a player like Steven Gerrard, one of the game's living legends, is playing his final game for his boyhood team. Trust me, it's the biggest thing in my mind as well. But what we cannot do is let this occasion overshadow the current situation of the team, because the current situation of the Liverpool team is shambolic to say the least.

In fact, what further evidence do you need after our home loss against Crystal Palace. Who would have thought that Steven Gerrard's final Anfield performance would have ended in such a dismal defeat? Yes, the third and final goal should not have stood as the penalty from which it was converted was never a penalty in the first place. But even after discounting this one goal, we would have lost the game by two goals to one - and it could have been more.

No matter what the scoreline was and could have been, there is no denying the fact that Liverpool were outplayed on the day by their competitors and let me tell you that there could not be anything sadder than this. In fact, that has been the case with quite a number of games this season.

Teams with limited resources have given this once mighty Liverpool side the run around and this is absolutely unacceptable. Brendan Rodgers may still have the backing of the majority of Liverpool fans but that does not mean that all is well at our club and before everyone forgets about the bigger issues that we have here at Liverpool thanks to the ending of an era in Steven Gerrard's departure, I'd like to offer them a quick reminder that things are not okay and a lot of fixing is on the cards.

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