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The Red frustration

by Alex Kirkham

Saturday saw a familiar sight to Reds fans. Steven Gerrard saving his side, and Liverpool being frustrated again, by a team they were expected to beat.

For the fourth time this season, Liverpool were frustrated at home, as Hull followed in the footsteps of Stoke, Fulham and West Ham.

It’s a bitter pill to swallow, when you think had we won those four games, we would now find ourselves 9 points clear at the top of the league. This is no new problem for Liverpool, they’ve always seemed to have a problem with smaller clubs, but can beat a bigger side any day of the week.

Another familiar sight, was Reds fans being left bemused and bewildered by Rafa Benitez’ decisions. Firstly, playing Dirk Kuyt as a lone striker. Secondly, leaving Robbie Keane on the bench, and not giving him a chance on the pitch, and thirdly, when looking in the dying minutes for a decisive goal, swapping Mascherano for Lucas.

The Robbie Keane decision left fans wondering why leave a striker on the bench, when there’s only  one up front and chasing a goal, especially after his second half display in midweek in Eindhoven.

As the final whistle blew, it was the signal for thousands of Reds to vent their anger on forums, radio phone ins and pubs around the country. Some labelled them bottlers, showing no pride in the shirt, whilst others was quick to remind them they came from two goals down to get a point. If you had have told most of them we’d still be top come Sunday at 6.30 pm, they wouldn’t have believed you, with Chelsea waiting in the wings to go back to the top as they faced West Ham at home the following day.

Old Red Craig Bellamy’s goal denied that though, and the Reds remain top, but only by the point.

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The Red frustration

  1. well goals are hard to come by for all teams but class players with game intelligence will find a way to score.stevie has those qualities. i think ngog has the potential with a bit more experience.injuries and polictics are elements which can affect results which are unknowns.
    but liverpool have had good luck much more than last year. thats why we are top.. the other luck is the other top three get similar results.draws when they should be winning. god works in strange ways

  2. I don’t get it. Its a miracle we are still top but their are chelsea and manure fans all saying the same this year, Its a weird league this season. It seems anybody can beat( or at least draw) against anybody and the form book means nothing. so i believe we should just dig in and believe in rafa and the squad. Lets face it, we’de have settled for where we are now at the start of the season and there is no reason why we can’t carry on and win the league.

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