Clear out or clear off

Just when we think our performances can’t get any worse our team put in a display that we have just witnessed at Anfield tonight. Wolves with far less talent on show than Liverpool simply showed the desire that we have lacked for the majority of the season.

Some of the fans will blame Hodgson and some will blame the players. The most worrying thing is that the owners will not take the required action one way or the other. Hodgson appears to have their backing at least for now and the suggestion is that there won’t be any players sold in the transfer window.

This simply cannot be allowed to happen. We have now played 18 games and at this stage of the season the table does not lie. We look like and we are a team just above the relegation zone. Unless action is taken in the next few weeks who can be certain that we won’t be fighting relegation in 5 months time?

John Henry and the rest of the NESV group have to take action and change whatever they think is the main reason for our massive underperformance. It’s definitely one or more of the reasons below:

Hodgson – Doesn’t appear to be able to get the best out of most of the players, plays far too defensive, switches positions illogically and doesn’t appear willing to take drastic action either during or between games

Torres – If his demeanour reflects how little he appears to care then I would sell him as soon as possible. He is not injured anymore and has had long enough to get match fit. I would rather have Carlton Cole and £30M in the bank

Ngog – Looks reasonable on a good day. That is nowhere good enough for Liverpool. Take £5M and re-invest

Meireles – Still looks out of his depth in the Premier League. Tries harder than most but whilst he is adapting to our game he shouldn’t be considered an automatic selection. He’s only there because we have nobody better

Babel – Had a reasonable few minutes tonight but has had so many chances and rarely delivered. Surely £7-£8M would be an acceptable price for him

How many of the above players would we really miss on their present form? If you think they should stay then it has to be Hodgson to go. I do not want to be going to Pride Park and the Ricoh Arena next season, nor do I want to watch another embarrassing performance like the one tonight.

Either the manager goes or the team must have some major changes. Action must be taken before it’s too late.

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Clear out or clear off

  1. There’s some points to that article I agree and disagree with but if anyone from that list has to leave than the first should be hodgson. Everyone talks about how well he did with fulham but during his tenure they were a mid table team and only got into europe through the fair play league. He’s achieved nothing with his career and never should of been given the liverpool job.

  2. @Calcul interesting point about Sammy. He was a great player, but I’ve wondered about his coaching effect…

    Re selling Torres: the media are full of how Torres looks like he can’t be bothered. I think that’s a load of rubbish. Tomkins had an excellent article recently showing how Torres’ performance may appear to be sub-par, but that is because the manager’s style of play (sitting back) means he gets no servcice; no wonder Torres sometimes looks despondent. And yet, average number of shots this season is same as others, but most are from outside the area, hence the low conversion rate.

    Instead, I rate Torres for sticking with Liverpool (so far!) That is more of the type of player we want!

  3. what a joke of a view of what needs to be done at the club.
    Sell torres, ,, yer that send a really positive message to the already down on their luck fans and the lub in general that know things have to change.
    A new manager and a new set up around the manager has to the first thing thats done, then its all about one word.
    WINNING, how much do they really really want to win, becasue its as simple as this;
    INVESTMENT, and thats does not include assest stripping as whats been done with H&G.

  4. Lads i have read your posts with interest and cannot understand why Sammy Lee has not got a mention. This guys is the head coach at Liverpool and under him we have not progressed. Under Houllier he was also there and hit a ceiling with his style of play. When Rafa came in he brought his coaching staff from Spain with him. I forget the baldy guys name but progress was made under him. Then Rafa fell out with him and back came Sammy. Since he has come back to Liverpool, we have gone backwards

  5. Sell Torres?!?!?!?! Are you right in the head?! If someone had posted this in the forum you would be ripped to shreds. And replacing him with Carlton cole?! Now I know you’re crazy! I suggest you seek help

  6. Nearly all the things you level at Hodgson could have been levelled at Benitez. People seem to remember us being the most attractive forward thinking team under Betitez. We were not btw.

    Some things were not right under Benitez, so changing that is not going to happen over night. If you believe the polls, (I wasn’t asked or seen any polls) then I’m one of the 5% who wants to see Hodgson given time. He seems to have the backing of the players, and that is half they way to improving things.

  7. well written article really i feel he has hit the nail on the head so many underperforming players. that feeds on itself. yes time is of the essence here. but no silver bullet here reaching new lows all the time.we need to rebuild and not be sentimental about aging stars who cant cut it any more. hope comolli has some good young players to bring in before its to late.

  8. Carlton Cole! are you joking? We have enough crap with Poulson, Koncheski, Bable, Cole and Hodgson. We don’t need any more rubbish.

  9. The manager needs to go, simply because he has failed to drive the bus in the right manner given the team he had, has bought poorly and lacks any tactical awareness. He also has a tendency to blame everyone else rather than himself and then has to back track with an apology, finally his targets are to low, aim to win every game and if you don’t well thats life but to target a 0-0 against the bottom of the league is unforgivable

    Ngog is worth keeping and £5m aint enough for this youngster……

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