10 questions for Brendan Rodgers

With a bold ambition of second place before the game against Aston Villa, we once again take a step backwards. Rodgers and FSG may well think they have everything under control but as fans there are still lots of questions we have about the club’s progress.

The 10 questions below represent the thoughts of some in a small part of the Centenary Stand.

I would also be interested in the views of other fans, just in case Brendan doesn’t have time to read this and reply in person.

1. What plans do you have to buy a creative central midfielder to take some of the burden off Gerrard who looks like he can’t carry the team on his own any more?

2. What do you say to Luis Suarez at the end of a game when he has spent more time complaining about decisions than focusing on scoring goals?

3. What made you think that Stewart Downing would be a good left back?

4. Why have you never played Glen Johnson further forward when he is probably the most capable of crossing a ball and also has a better shot than most of the team?

5. Do you really think that Darren Bent or Daniel Sturridge are the answer that we are looking for?

6. Do you regret saying we are aiming for second place when we are far more likely to have a relegation battle than challenging at the top of the league?

7. How do you feel about Joe Allen’s start to his Anfield career in light of your comparison to Xavi?

Joe Allen signs for Liverpool - alongside Brendan Rodgers

8. Why does Suso no longer seem to be in favour when he seemed to be just starting to look the part?

9. What has happened to our scouts at Liverpool. How come we only seem to be able to pay over the odds for players rather than find those with potential at a bargain like most of our competitors do?

10. Why are we being held to ransom on a contract by an 18 year old who has plenty of potential but who at the moment can’t provide a decent cross and gets blown off the ball by a strong breeze?

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10 questions for Brendan Rodgers

  1. No.1- I don’t think any of us imagined the speed of decline in Stevie G. I’m sure Rodgers thought he was inheriting the world class midfielder who for a decade drove the team on. I’m also sure he has seen the decline but he certainly didn’t anticipate having to replace or eleviate his captains role this soon in his tenure !!

    N0. 2 – Publicly you defend him a la keane/cantonna/rooney and fergie. Every manager will go out of his way to defend his top players(besides moyes on saturday,bravo by the way) but privately you slap him in the face a la keane/clougie or kick a cup in his face a la beckham/fergie.

    No. 3 – Please God answer that one Brendan !! I just know drugs are going to be involved !!

    No.4 – Why hasn’t any other manager ever pushed Johno more forward ?? Benitez, Woy, Kenny now Rodgers and succesive England managers have never pushed him forward. Are they all wrong ?? I think it’s a bit of an LFC obsession this pushing Johno further forward.. In the delusional thoughts he might do what Bale done or something. Do’t get me wrong I rate him, having a good season but I think he’s good where he is.

    No. 5 – I hope he doesn’t and I hope that if he does that I’m wrong and he’s right !!

    No. 6 – Think that’s all taking out of context just a little bit or perhaps didn’t come out like he intended it too. Think the message there was , this is Liverpool and we need to be aiming for the top. If he was trying to dampen down expectations, as some might advise, about the CL places and beyond then people would accuse him for settling for mediocrity and claim he’s cementing our position as a mid table club. He’s dammed if he does and dammed if he doesn’t. Personally I prefer the talking up. This is LFC

    No. 7 – He never said that !! And if he did post the link to a direct quoatation where he did.. He is informally qotued as saying he’s the ‘welsh xavi’ but i take anything somebody is rumoured to have said with a bucket of salt !! That said, he does rate him very highly .. He had a big season in the PL last year and a big olympics for GB .. maybe a combination of a bit of tiredness and second season syndrome are creeping into his game lately where his performances have dropped. I thought he started very well and I do think he’s got a great future ahead..

    No. 8 – Plenty of time for the lad.. Great talent and has a big future.. Very young and still developing. You can see Sterling starting to tire already.. Suso will get his share of game time and his time WILL come.

    No. 9 – Examples ?? thought our youth and scouting system is just starting to pay dividends !! Sterling, Suso, Wisdom, Morgan, Pacheco stepping up and getting game time and the likes of Conor Coady and Ngoo vey close .. Strange question !

    No.10 – To be fair we’re not being held to ransom.. Rodgers has made his position on Sterlings contract very clear. About how he’s not prepared to give big money to a young lad who’s done nothing in the game yet and that he should take what he’s being offered and sign the contact !! Just because his(and every other agent) tries to squeeze every last penny out of clubs doesn’t mean to say we are or will be held to ransom over Sterling. I have ample faith in Rodgers to deal with this situation and if he doesn’t sign he’ll be sold .. end of .

  2. GREAT QUESTIONS INDEED!!!! SPOT ON !!! You should email these to BR. We, as supporters deserve some answers. We have been patient for so many years but enough is enough. I thing BR should leave. He’s brought nothing but false hopes. Apart from his tikki takka methodology, he is technically inept ….a one-trick pony and phony!!

  3. Alan – Doury road Ballymena. good questions. Liverpool lost so many experienced players like Kuyt, Rodriguez etc who could come on and score. We all know that Kuyt was a 200% play for your shirt player and he could have provided that bit of experience for the young lads. the problem is Brendan has let a lot go and did not get enough cover. He has been very brave integrating youth and this will pay of through time as Fergies babes did in the nineties. We must not get carried away and get it in our minds that this is a rebuilding from the ground up right through the club. like many of you I have supported the club from the sixties and just want to see us back at the top. Brendan needs to stick with realistic goals and I am sure he will get it right. I know the man as I have been involved with the IFA at various N.Ireland clubs and based on what the likes of Mourinho and other top managers have said about him then I don’t think we will have to much to worry about. let’s get behind him. sorry for long cooments. Merry Christmas to you all

  4. All the above questions need answering. Also questions about
    Why Dempsey claims we didn’t even make a real approach for him on deadline day?
    Why Stevie G looks like he can’t be bothered (and if so, why not start someone else)?
    Why he lets his most experienced players make statements about being able to challenge for top 4?
    Why we didn’t bring Diame for free in the summer even though the player said a deal had been agreed?..
    …and why we brought in Nuri Sahin instead for £7m+ for 1 year!?

  5. No1. It’s unfortunate for Rogers that he has a Stephen Gerrard who’s running out of steam.

    No2. Maybe when we actually get a penalty awarded, he’ll stop moaning!

    No3 . What made Dalglish think, at £20m, he’d be a good winger?

    No4 . That’s debatable. Look at Johnson’s goal ratio! Although I do think he’s excellent.

    No5. We’ll only know if either of them ever sign

    No6. Yep, that was dumb!

    No7. Must do better!

    No8. He’s 18, has a big future, and there’s plenty of games to come for him this season.

    No9. Shouldn’t that question have been popped over to Dalglish last season?

    No10. Who’s being held to ransom? LFC are not gonna pay £50k per week to Sterling, no matter what his slimy agent may want.

  6. Re question 6 he would probably tell you that he said that it won’t happen this season.

    Re # 8 he may tell you that Suso does a lot of good things, but isn’t tactically aware and doesn’t work much defensively, which unfortunately is required.

    Re # 10 because Sterlling and/or his agent thinks he is better than he actually is and they may think they’ll get a better contract (but much less playing time) elsewhere.

    Otherwise some of the questions are interesting. I too would like to know the answers.

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