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We’re now in the transfer window and already several strikers in particular are filling the rumour mill as to who we’ll see at Anfield by the end of the month. Darren Bent appears to be the favourite here but that involves spending another £20M plus on a player with mixed opinions about his quality in a Liverpool side. Villa bought him only 12 months ago for £24M and his value is unlikely to have reduced in that time, so a fee of over £25M is more likely.

Would it not be better to cut our losses with Andy Carroll and sell him back to Newcastle for £15M? Pardew has already hinted he would take him back. Clearly they aren’t going to pay anything like £35M and Ashley would raise his popularity significantly if he allowed a bid of £15M, giving an instant profit of £20M and a fans favourite back to his roots. He will probably develop into a good player but will he ever fit into a Liverpool system and will he ever really be more than good at best?

With the £15M (and a £20M loss), this money could be used to bring Torres back to Anfield. There have already been suggestions that Chelsea would accept £20M for him. Even if we had to go to £25M, this more than covers the loss on Carroll, giving us a £25M profit on the player from 12 months ago.

Torres may not currently look like the world class player he was but he is showing some signs of getting back to a very good level. With the games he is allowed to play at Chelsea currently, is he ever going to be happy or perform at his best? At Liverpool he will be in the team (barring injuries or resting) every week, up front with Suarez. He knows he has performed at Liverpool and surely Dalglish can convince him that with his contribution we can overtake Chelsea, get into the Champions League this year and challenge further next year.

So, which is it to be, £25M outlay for Bent or £10M outlay for Torres? No question in my book.

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Buy back time

  1. Interesting idea but torres best years are behind him,Carrol wuld be a good fit at newcastle but why would they want him, with ba scoring goals for fun.Its time not to get sentimental but we do need a second striker.Sure the reds have something in mind   

  2. We need to get behind Andy Carroll. Granted he’s not been the best since we signed him, but it’s not his fault we paid all that money for him. In fairness, before we signed him (before he got injured) he looked like a player with real potential and let’s not forget he terrorised us at St James’ last season. Players of his ilk take a few years to mature. I can’t think of many ‘target men’ that are world beaters before the age of about 26. Niall Quinn was considered a bit of a Donkey at Arsenal which is why they bombed him as a young lad, however, there weren’t many better in the league when he was at Sunderland. A real asset. Give Andy time. 

  3. Sohamsarkar100? KEEP him – Keep him to MISS all you create in a team built for DROGBA – KEEP him to Row WITH Drogba/Lampard et al.  KEEP him to do nothing in a team heading nowhere & suck you DOWN below the top of the PL as we go past Laughing – I think he already KNOWS he should NEVER have left us – Now? We’re GOING to emphasise it & rub Chelsea’s NOSES in it.  Mark my words………….

  4. Total toss, carroll is only 22 torres coming 28! Are u for real? Even if carroll doesnt live up his price tag i still wouldnt want a player who is past his peak and has little respect for the club! Sure carroll isnt playing well but lets do something about the service! Surely kuyt should be moved on before carroll? Im not havin a pop at kuyt but he’s getting on and not a winger and not that prolific. Give carroll a bit of support. Dont forget its not his fault we paid 35 mil for him

  5. There is no way in the world I’d ever want to see Torres back at LFC – he burnt his bridges by leaving on bad terms, insulting the club, team mates and fans on his way out the door.  Let him rot on the Chelski bench …. as for Andy going back to Newcastle and us signing Bent, now that sounds a lot more like a plan, imho.

    • OMG…sign Bent!!! Another Andy Carroll. Their style is not the Liverpool way. We need a clinical finisher not another bulldozer. I want the best thing for LFC and if that means Torres coming back then bring it on!!!!

  6. Simple! Are you playing championship manager 2? Not to mention the fact Torres walked out on the club and has been quite as bad as Torres. How does this actually get published on any website.

  7. Good piece but you are forgetting one thing.
    Carroll has not looked to be put on the transfer list so therefore LFC would need to pay the balance of his contract (shortfall) between his pay currently and at Newcastle. He has four years left and if the shortfall was £30k per week that would amount to £6 million over four years plus bonuses.
    The next couple of signings Kenny makes will be defining and either make or break LFC.
    We need pace in the side out wide which we currently lack, especially when chasing a game, we have only managed to win one game from the last 29 that we have gone a goal down in. Teams are happy to sit back and get players behind the ball once we go behind.

    I would love to see LFC sign Podolski, Hazard and Hamsik.
    £50 million may sort us out for many seasons to come and allow youth progress to the first team also.

    In fairness to Carroll, he has not got the service required either and looks very frustrated.

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