OBYs Dugout – Everton (A)

OBY’s Dugout

Everton 0-2 Liverpool.

The 33rd Premier League meeting between Liverpool and Everton was highly anticipated. Pre- match, Everton hadn’t won at home this season and were performing terribly. A new striker wasn’t being played, and the defence were making countless errors. That’s not to say the situation across Merseyside was all that better. Until the United game Liverpool were playing poor football but picking up points. Then last week against Stoke City, they played great football but were held to a 0-0 draw. So which team would take the initiative and the precious derby win?

Well, the first half was obviously the less eventful of the two. But it was a strong showing to Liverpool fans that their team was on form and after 3 points. However the best opportunity of the half went to Everton and fell to youngster Marouane Fellaini when Reina failed to deal with a cross and he gifted the ball to Fellaini who had an open goal but blasted it at Jamie Carragher.

The second half then, Still a very sturdy performance by Liverpool. Controlling the play and resisting Everton’s offence with ease. So, the first goal. Keane with the assist as he kept the ball in and managed to cross the ball across the 6 yard line over the heads of all Everton’s defenders and landing perfectly onto Torres’ right foot, blasting Liverpool 1-0 up after 57 minutes. We would only have to wait 4 more minutes until Kopites everywhere could cheer, sing and insult once more. 61 minutes and Dirk Kuyt finds himself in the box with the ball. Unfortunately he is heavily marked and eventually tackled. He loses the ball as it rolls agonisingly away to the left. But who should pick up the possession? Well who else? El Nino of course. With one swing of his gifted right foot he fired the ball into the back of Tim Howard’s goal and securing a 2 goal lead for Liverpool. The ball would eventually find its way into Everton’s net twice more. However the referee and his linesman would disallow both of them. Ok, one did go out so it’s understandable. But what about the other one? Disallowed for a foul on Joleon Lescott. Firstly, it wasn’t a foul to begin with, secondly, neither Kuyt or Lescott were interfering so when the ball fell to Torres it should have been play on. Finally, the last talking point of an intense derby is the red card received by Everton’s Tim Cahill. His challenge on Xabi Alonso was a terrible challenge. I don’t think that anyone will argue that he never deserved a red card for it.

And so ends another Merseyside derby and it’s the red half of Merseyside singing in the end. Again.

Just a quick note.

A song came to my attention during the weekend. I feel I should share it with every Kopite I can. The song is called ‘Blame It All On Heysel.’ (No disrespect Intended.) It goes to the tune of Roy ‘Chubby’ Browns song, ‘Alice? Who the f*** is Alice?’ If you don’t know the tune copy and paste the youtube link below. The part needed is from 39 seconds.


The Lyrics:

You’re moving Out the City,

You’ve got nowhere to go.

You’re not welcome in Kirkby,

So where you gonna go?

And for 24 years you’ve been blaming it all on Heysel.


Blame it all on Heysel.

For 24 years, your club is in a mess,

Your trophy room is empty and your full of bitterness.

And for 24 years you’ve been blaming it all on Heysel.


Blame it all on Heysel.

Any more songs you wish tell me of. Simply leave a reply with it.

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OBYs Dugout – Everton (A)

  1. I am absolutely delighted, I am sick of listening to these bitter blues, they seem more interesed in what we are doing than their own team, and I find that very sad, I couldn’t give a shit what everton do, but then again I support a great team, I’ve never heard such a load of crap spoken by any other supporters, they must walk around with their heads up their arses, maybe they like what they see there better
    COME ON YOU REDMEN!!!!!!!!!

  2. Blame it all on Heysel!
    Sums the blue …. up
    Pity they cant just follow their own team instead of us.
    I call them Livertonians.
    So sad???

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