Alberto agent is cutting the cost of Liverpool sale

Alberto Aquilani’s agent, Frank Zavaglia, has been continuing his 24/7 marketing campaign on an Italian sports TV show.

And as a method of enticing Milan, or another Italian club in, he announced he has secured some concessions from Liverpool.

“The fee that was set last summer was €16 million.

“After another trip I made to England 15-20 days ago, it dropped to €9-10 million.

“But I did not yet know then that Conte would become the coach of the Bianconeri.

“With the purchase of Andrea Pirlo I think they have an idea on how to set up the midfield for Juventus. There is no contact with AC Milan, and he does not want  to go back to Liverpool.”

Alberto Aquilani has 3 years remaining on his Liverpool FC contract.

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Alberto agent is cutting the cost of Liverpool sale

  1. if he doent want to come back then why would we want him. this story is unique as most agents want the most they can get. yet when we buy english players we pay over the top.

  2. @Chris Smith: A FLOP by any other name is still a FLOP. Undeniably, Aquilani is a FLOP! It is not like Aquilani has had a stellar performance whilst in Italy. He was merely decent at best which probably explains why Juve does not hold him in high esteem.

  3. i find it a disgrace the way thsi player and his agent are trying now to cheap talk their way out a deal that they made with Liverpool.

    We have been great with alberto we really have, for me its a disgrace they way his agent and his player have acted, we are liverpool not some old club with no name? for me we should no just get shot and for me if we can get around 8.5 mill – 9 mill and get shot, i want him gone now.

  4. hes better thanmost, hes our player, dont sell cheap bring him back, play him in Kenny pass & move, and he’s love it…he probably has nightmares of being with us under purslow/hodgson/hicks..dont blame him, blame us for letting it happen!

  5. Getting a bit fed up now,why do footballers think a club can lose up to £5 mill+ just because he wants to stay in Italy???? kick his arse back here NOW and his agent and make them both sweat for there money ken08     ynwa

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