LFC reject £40M plus £1 bid for Suarez

Liverpool have flat out rejected Arsenal's bizarre offer for Luis Suarez.

The offer, of £40,000,001, arrived on Tuesday evening as the reds are preparing to take on a Melbourne side, with Luis Suarez in the squad.

Liverpool FC have rejected the offer.

It appears that the players agent and the Arsenal believe any offer over £40M triggers important transfer mechanics.  As it is, all the £40M triggers is Liverpool 'considering an offer' (which they have decided to reject), and that they must inform the player.  Pretty standard fare for any sizeable transfer fee.

However, the nature of the offer - exactly £1 over the £40M fee, is likely to anger Liverpool.

Liverpool's fans will be watching on with interest.  Arsenal are arguably the 'top four' team most on the periphery of Champions League qualification - and arguably the team that Liverpool will be most hoping to dislodge if we are return to the Champions League.

Of all the teams in the Premier League - to sell Suarez to them would be a major blow to the credibility of Liverpool's hierachy.

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LFC reject £40M plus £1 bid for Suarez

  1. u ve finished the talk and there’s nothing to add. all headway for liverpool this season depends on consolidating and not loosing any ground in what. selling out suarez now and to a rival side will bring about a whole lot of psychological depletion in the new season. pls don’t discus this again!!!

  2. LFC must not sell Suarez to Arsenal – and ideally not to an English club.

    Arsenal are the side we are most likely to be able to catch out of the top four. Selling Suarez to them would be like shooting half of our team in the knees.

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