Liverpool transfer rejected by Henrikh Mkhitaryan

Henrikh Mkhitaryan, the Armenian midfielder, looks set to join Borussia Dortmund for a fee of approximately £21M.

Henrikh Mkhitaryan

After weeks of speculation, the player has informed his club Shakhtar Donetsk of his decision to join this years Champions League runners-up.

Brendan Rodgers and the club had identified him as the clubs top target, with goals from midfield seriously lacking in the current first team.

The German media broke the story earlier today, and journalists at the BBC and the Liverpool Echo are now reporting that the player has informed Liverpool FC of his decision.

The reds have been active in the transfer market so far with plenty of players in and out, however the club have yet to splash any significant cash as they aim to improve on last season's 7th place position.

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Liverpool transfer rejected by Henrikh Mkhitaryan

  1. We have other options for mkhitaryan. It will hurt when we miss out on our top transfer target, but now we are left with plenty of options. Get eriksen atleast n if suarez stays then there is still a hope for top 4 but mkhitaryan and suarez could have been deadly than this.

  2. Hi LFC fans! I blieve its not the end of the road. The Armenian is not the only gifted midfielder around. I’m sure (and his team will sort something out and put back that smile on all of us LFC fans. Try Eriksen, he is class.

  3. Maybe it was all rumours and Brendan never really wanted him cus if he did it should have been sorted out long ago! If we wanted him Brendan should have gone all in for him and not just let Dortmund snap him up and commit defeat to them. We need Diame or Wanyama, Eriksen or Dzsudzsak, and we need to sell some deadwood. I would love to see youngsters like Coady get a good run of games in the first team he could be our new holding mid or maybe try Agger in that position if we dont sign any other midfielders.

    • I do agree being a big liverpool fan I believe they should have snapped Im up I think we have missed a trick but know we need to find another world class player like Erikson or somebody with a lot of class that can change the game.

  4. its all gone tits up we should of bought him. we dont stand a chance of getting in the top four if we dont buy top players. the owners shouldnt buy a club of thos history if they carnt aford to by top players. im gutted we ave missed out once again

  5. How high do we need to go to attract these players to us. Carroll, Cole etc have cost our cub millions. Need to be more Sensible when it comes to buying in the future or our club will be full of big earners living off the fans. May not happen overnight but buying good quality youngsters on a reasonable wage with the odd top quality player is surely the way to go.

  6. Having missed this one, we will end up signing Christian Ericksen and could be just by next week as the club has considered this to be another lesson.

    And yes, Ericksen is the one we actually want!


  7. It’s clear that many players are now using our club as a negotiating tool to get attention and better contract offers from other ‘big’ clubs. If any player truly loves to come and play his heart out, they would have jumped at the chance just like Aspas. All is not lost, as we fans and supporters care a lot about how the club is progressing. We cannot swell on previous glories and expect instant success. For Rome was never built overnight. Whether you support our club for 1 month, 1 year, 10 years or 50 years doesn’t make any difference. We are all Liverpool supporters who knows our football. Support or ship out!

  8. u lot must remember that everything happens for a reason and there are 2 sides to a coin ……………maybe we could have bought him and he don’t live up to his price tag. there’s this russian player, cant remember his name……….he wears the same number 22 and he seems quite useful. he’s predominantly left footed but i watch a clip with him and he scores with his right as well. he plays for psv i think. he also scores some very good free kicks. we bought suarez from the holland league as well so why not? i’m very optimistic about this season irrespective. i can see us getting a good start to this season and this is very important. just chillax and have faith.

  9. i must admit i feel let down by fsg, i understand the situation with money but i also believe that losing out on mh could cost us a place in the champions league, he did seem made for this club.. now if we lose suarez we could be looking at mid table next season and if we want to keep suarez we need to show him that the team is intent on challenging for cl

  10. Love what u have to say Jim, and agree with everything.. To me you sound like the only true fan on here, i feel ure pain and sorrow.. These yanks r gonna mess up our beloved club.. And for any fan not to see it or even fell it surprises me, but then again we do get alot of plastics, who have no real love for the feel no pain in losing out to the chelsea,manU,manC,arsenal,spurs for god sakes even everton finished above us..
    But then again we have fans like u jim who make me feel proud to be a LFC fan,
    A special club with special fans.. YNWA

  11. Jim, stop living in the past. The Armenian is young. He only knows NOW and NOW is without Champions League. Dortmund also had a great fan base, their fans are known throughout Europe, so that’s a toss up. Too bad he didn’t look at the possibilities in a few years with the youth that the Reds have assembled, but what he did is understandable. You sound like you haven’t gotten over losing the colonies, mate!

  12. People moaning about net spends & yanks out are truly embarrassing ( If they are Liverpool fans at all that is ) Get behind the club ffs .

  13. dreadful transfer window so far. We never even put in a bid for Mkhitaryan and he would have come if LFC had been prepared to pay the price. A goalkeeper we don’t need and a few hopefuls will get us nowhere near the top 4 next season and BR will be out of a job. Well done FSG – you’ve blown it once again.

    • You clearly are a bellend mate . Reina has been average for the last 3 seasons & needed some stiff competition for a long time . Plus 21 million for Shelvey & Carroll is great business . Wait till the 31st August before you start throwing your toys out of the cot .

      • Totally agree, great business so far, Aspas, Alberto, Toure and Mignolet in, Carroll and Shelvey out, and we have almost broke even, still plenty of time, redsim is panicking way too much, must be a women

  14. been watching LFC for 57 years I am still a season ticket holder its not a fashion show I’m more interested in the Reds not the kits get a life and OK we have’nt got the Armenian but in all honesty before the last two weeks i’ve never heard of him cant be that great to go AWOL on his club we dont want that sort of player just get behind the club and stop moaning .PS I think your a bit of a plastic out of Liverpool wooly back supporter go and support the team you live closest to tara la YNWA

    • Well said mate, brilliant comment, to be honest I think a lot of people have never heard of Mkhitaryan untill 2 weeks ago, they just pretend they do to make them feel intelligent, to be fair Mkhitaryan’s stats look really good but that’s in the Ukrainian premier league, he ain’t gonna produce them stats in the English premier league

      • I don’t think it’s got anything to do with people trying to appear intelligent, but rather to do with people being very easily influenced by the media nowdays.

  15. To lose out on our top target at what appears a reasonable price for a player of his quality is ridiculous. I assume the cheap skate Yanks baulked at the price, hoped to get it down, and the incompetent Ayre cocked it up from there. Getting in a few cheap players and an inferior keeper to what we’ve got is not good enough. We are crowing about doing our business early but are we getting in the top players we need to compete with United, Chelsea and Arsenal, never mind Spurs? No. Expect more flannel from FSG and platitudes from Rodgers.

    • Iam beginning to think the same way should have at least one big signing a season,did same last season with no cover for carrol left short had any thing happened to suarez could have been a religation fight. Need at least one big signing.

    • You are a tool. Fsg are great owners bringing this team back to glory not bankruotcy. Get a clue and the comment or better yet go support man city

      • do you work for fsg mate understand no money,but just admit selling big earners is nessary,stop talking about big signings. give youngsters ago even if not competing for 4th but stop getting ever body hopes up of big signings

  16. Yanks out!!!! 3 million net spend they are taking the piss out of lfc and warrior with those
    crap kits,this is becoming a joke when we cant compete with a german club for a player
    from Armenia,these yanks a only in it for the dollar,get gone fools!

    • That German club are in next seasons Champions league ! They also finished runners up in last seasons Champions league . Moan moan moan …. what a weapon .

      • What is your point pete??are you telling me that Dortmund are a bigger club
        than Liverpool fc?? us five times European champions,dortmund how many?
        I think your your a troll for fsg because your doing too much licking of the brown ring mate,we have a right to moan because the club belongs to the
        people when it comes right down to it the yanks are only good at robbing
        and invading other peoples land taking all the natural resources,well my club
        is no different to a country with over 300 million fans over the globe that is one big cash cow mate and these yanks don’t give a toss about you me or any other fan only in what money they can drain out of the club,yanks out!!

        • Jim. You are clearly a clueless muppet and no real LFC fan. YNWA is obviously a foreign concept to you. Fsg are smart and will bring us to glory instead of bankruptcy which is what you obviously want

        • I understand your disappointment Jim, I reckon he would have been great for us, but get a grip mate and don’t be a tosser, he CHOSE Dortmund for the Champions League, and probably higher wages and bidding more for him wouldn’t have changed that,so we’ll just have to get Erickson and Alderweireld instead…YNWA BR and FSG

        • If they are planning to “rob” us, why would FSG fork out the money to expand the stadium… Jim, you sound like a glory supporter, spit your dummy out because we’re not winning, what do you expect when a team loses the manager AND owners!

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