Liverpool and Barcelona to open transfer talks over Suarez and Sanchez


Liverpool's chief executive Ian Ayre is to meet a Barcelona delegation later today over a potential Luis Suarez transfer.

According to several newspapers reporting a similar story the negotiations with Barcelona are set to commence on Wednesday in London.

Liverpool value the player at £80M - cash that Barcelona say they do not have.  In order to cut the cost of this deal the reds want Chilean striker Alexis Sanchez in return - a player the Catalan giants are believed to value at £30M.

Rumours are rife that Sanchez would need sizeable persuasion to move to Anfield.

Luis Suarez is set to miss the next four months of football, a total of 13 games for Liverpool - 9 of which would be Premier League fixtures.

The reds remain resolute that despite his ban the player will not be allowed to leave for a cut-price.

The Spanish side are widely believed to have been behind the apology Suarez issued for his bite on Italian Giorgio Chiellini.

As Barcelona unveiled a new signing yesterday, Ivan Ratikic from Sevilla, the talk - strangely - suddenly turned to Suarez.

Andoni Zubizarreta, the sporting director at Barcelona, said:

“Suarez has shown he is humble enough to admit an error -which is very important.

“He has been humble enough to apologise to those he has affected because it happened in the middle of a festival of football. In this case it’s the best thing a person can do.

“Everyone knows that Luis is an excellent player. Everyone knows last season he played in various positions in attack, but everyone also knows that he is a Liverpool player.”

Arsenal and Juventus are also believed to be interested in Alexis Sanchez.

Sanchez has scored 47 times in 141 appearances for Barcelona.  He scored twice in this years World Cup and aged 25 he has 71 international caps.

  • Foad (FCB)

    we like suarez and we want to join him to camp nou and no one can’t stop us to do this…..
    ha ha ha

  • Tito Elstinovic

    Forget about 100m for Suarez, we need to keep him

    • foad (fcb)

      are u crazy?
      suarez wouldn’t like to stay in anfield….

      • Tito Elstinovic

        Get over it, your getting paid so play

        • Ian

          Great footballer, lousy human being,, we should be getting a carers allowance for having him,, he has brought shame on this great club and he should have been banned from playing football at any level,, not even a pub team

        • Tito Elstinovic

          Honestly i was in denial but now im over Suarez, were still an amazing institution an always will be

  • Roma77

    If Sanchez does not want to come, he may not be the answer for us. For £30M, Barcelona should find a buyer for Sanchez after his recent performances, one that Sanchez wants. They can then use that money to part-pay the amount of money in the clause. If that is £80M or around that, we will find a world-class striker who will think of Liverpool as a ‘destination’, not a ‘stepping-stone’ to La Liga, which we always were for Suarez – from Day One. Just about every fan will honour the memories of his incredible skill, but for our club, this chapter needs to close…

  • Nkl

    Just sad that after all LFC and fans support, this Suarez still wanting to leave.
    I would say, jus let him go. No point holding an ungrateful player.
    We can start all over again. I dun mind waiting and still support LFC any given time.

    • Steve Kerensky

      Thank you, British media,thank you FA kangaroo court

  • Abd Hamid Abd Karim

    LFC should not lower their valuation for Suares in spite of his ban and if Sanches is not keen to move to LFC then request for the full amount. D’ont allow Barcelona to bully Liverpool FC.