Editorial: Chelsea and the war of words?

Chelsea, the club, the players and most of all their manager unfortunately suffer from the biggest inferiority complexes known in the footballing world.

Before the reds had even qualified, Jose Mourinho was stoking up the flames for the clash – insisting the reds would start as favourites. Blah blah blah. Benitez showed his disdain for the Chelsea boss by biting back – claiming that Mourinho only offers the hand of friendship to managers of teams he knows he can beat. It didn’t need to be said – it’s obvious for all to see.

Jose Mourinho’s success at Chelsea has not given him the level of kudos he probably expected. Why is this? Is it the fact that outrageous money has been available to him to purchase, let’s face it, anybody he wanted? I don’t think it is. The way he has conducted himself during these past few years had cast doubt on his achievements. His frustration increases with each passing day. Even his ‘talent’ is seemingly unrecognised by his chairman, and a potential departure this summer will hurt the most important thing of all to him – his ego.

I didn’t want to play Chelsea in the Semi-Final – I much prefered a re-union for Rafa with Valencia. But not because I think we will lose to Chelsea. To be honest – we have played Chelsea twice this season and I thought we outplayed them twice. Certainly at Anfield, and at Stamford Bridge we were unlucky that Didier Drogba was at his magnificent best. The reason I didn’t want to play them was because I’m more than a little bit bored of them.

Their pre-match hysteria will border on the insane. Their manager will be in the papers most days with some thrilling comment which actually only serves to increase hostility between the two clubs sets of supporters. Fat Frank will have a tale to tell, John Terry’s amazing literary geniues will be plain to see as extracts from his autobiography get brought back out.

However, their performance at the Mestella means it will be them so I look forward to the games – the tactical battles between Benitez and Mourinho, but the pre-match media slanging match? Not interested. A complete turn off for the sport in my opinion.

All that matters is that 180 minutes of football will ensue, hopefully another amazing Anfield night and the distinct possibility of a remarkable second final in three years. That’s all that matters. This isn’t the Jose Mourinho show. It’s another chapter in the history of our great football club.

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Editorial: Chelsea and the war of words?

  1. Anyone seen Brian M(oron). He seems to have gone quiet. Now there’s a surprise. Not sure who I want to win the Champions League 3rd & 4th place play off.

  2. the funny thing is they are obviously scared hence them being on the Liverpool site they have been declining all season personally id like to see them win the league as when people look back they,ll see arh that wos the 3 years when they were pumped full of money and still dident win any decent cups just before the Liverpool (league winning) revival during which there owner gave up and stopped spending money on a team with glory hunters for supporters and they started to slip back down to mid-table

  3. the fact of the matter is, that Mourinho is an arogant a***! and he’s already started the psychological stuff with benitez and liverpool because he fears us and that his way of gettin under our skin but i just think in european games, liverpool sho who wgoo dthey really are and will have to much passion especially when it comes to Anfield – come on u reds!

  4. Christ your banging on about us, what about your support it’s a joke, I can remember when chelsea had real fans, not glory hunting c***s that I saw yesterday outsung by Blackburn.

    Bigger fish, what you mean like man u, whatever you southern whoppers.

    Just one question for all chelsea fans what was Mrs Terry doing with jamie Carragher’s brother inn Germany?

  5. Why the annoyance about Mourinho saying Liverpool will be favourites? Benitez said exactly the same thing. Were ou annoyed with him too? Mourinho is friends with Ferguson yet the rivalry is stronger than with anyone else.

    All the talking’s been done by Liverpool players at the moment. Chelsea players have bigger fish to fry. A opposed to hardly any fish to fry.

  6. Another tropyhless season…? Is beating your chavski team in 2 semi finals too hard to swallow? How you must have hated to see Liverpool win the finals you could have been in if you beat us – but you couldn’t and didn’t and paid the price…
    5 times European Champions, 7 times FA Cup Winners 15 times Football Association Charity Shield Winners…
    (John Arne Risse, a left back on the right wing, running from his own 18yd box, unchallenged, shoots from 25yds and beats John Terry and Cuddicini – Another final, another trophy!!)
    18 times League Winners and yes it’s been a while since we’ve won it but where the hell have the chavs been in all that time…? Being jealous and now seeking revenge… quite sad and very pathetic. Like sugar daddy Abramovich who has tried to buy success with chavski. Go back to your own trophyless cabinet, take a look around and realise that Liverpools’ history was built on hard graft, passion and desire which resulted in success. Success which is now being rewarded with a new stadium and a bigger trophy cabinet… got some catching up to do chavs…

  7. Completely agree with John Davies.
    Brian M is an idiot. He sounds bitter to me.
    I’m also bored with having to play chelsea in semi-finals. We’ve beat them twice and we now have a better team. Game on.

  8. oi #1, are you having a laugh mate? “used to” i think you should log on to your own teams website and look at the trophy cabinet….. bit sparse isnt it? ok ok 2 league trophies and a couple of other lesser one’s, but how many have you one since you guys won the russian lottery? more than before. Your first league title was 50 years ago. you bell end.

  9. Brian M.

    ‘We will end up with another trophyless season?’ like we are used to ???

    Like when 2005 – when we won our 5th European Cup. Or last year when we won the FA Cup?


  10. No surprise they cant fill old trafford for their cup semi…they may be big in the financial stakes but can u imagine any spare tickets for a cup semi final for us… anywhere! Fairweather supporters and lacking the mass appeal and history that we have…ultimately thats what they crave but any success now will always be tainted with the financial supremacy they have enjoyed to get it rather than from blood and sweat of old which lasts longer in the memory and thus you can see Mr Mourhino’s dilema he cant win either way!

  11. Also bored with Chelski, wish it had been Valencia, whatever i really fancy us for #6.

    In the meantime Rafa is right to concentrate on the next 3 EPL games starting today, make that 100% return and i believe 3rd slot in the pocket.

    As for JM, let him rave on as van the man would say.

  12. Typical selective history lesson from Self-pity City. Benitez makes a snide remark that “didn’t need to be said”, yet it’s Chelsea who supposedly ramp up the pre-match hype! The hypocrisy begins.

  13. Indeed, Rafa exalts Jose to greater heights than he deserves by even responding to him.

    Perhaps Rafa should now let the special one ramble on and have the limelight whilst we do our talking on the pitch.

    After all, it is more than obvious that the special one has special needs.

  14. What a load of myopic crap.

    Your head’s been up your own ass so long you can’t smell your own s**t.

    Revenge is, indeed, a dish best served cold. And you’re going to end up with yet another trophyless season.

    But then, you’re probably used to that by now, aren’t you…

    – Brian M

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