Editorial: Liverpool FC – sort your PR out!

Do you remember when you used to support a club called Liverpool, a club that ‘existed to win trophies’ and nothing else.

A club where at the merest hint of bemusement on a supporters face – somebody from the club would be trotted out to, quite literally, give it the ‘Calm down’ explanation?

It’s been a rare occurence in my thirty years supporting the reds that I feel the club disregard the ‘customer’ but with rthe ecent sniping between Rafa Benitez and Tom Hicks conducted via the media and even now vague statements handed out by Rick Parry, apparently Chief Executive of a multi-million pound business, it really is time that the club put their point directly to the fans.  Liverpool fans are concerned with news about the levels of debt rumoured to be saddled on to the club, and the effect of a new stadium on transfers and the vastly more important ‘on the pitch’ stuff.

Liverpool have the best football club website in the World – a fact they often trumpet themselves loudly.  Now is the time for them to use it as a platform to speak directly to the clubs millions of fans worldwide.

Of all groups of football fans, Liverpool fans know only too well the difficulty some sections of the media have with telling the truth, and not a day passes without headlines along the lines of:

‘Liverpool can’t fund new stadium’

‘Stadium work delayed’

‘American owners to saddle club with debt’

Despite being a global brand, Liverpool fans have always felt a close affinity with the club – a unique relationship unlike any other in the elite of European football.

Liverpool Football Club need to properly explain the current situation to the fans, before the newspapers yet again twist the facts to suit their own agenda’s.

Wake up LFC!

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Editorial: Liverpool FC – sort your PR out!

  1. I have been frustrated with recent short statements by Rick Parry obo the directors of the club. This is becoming ridiculous to say the least. Obviously something is wrong at the club and I agree that supporters should be given space to air their views and most importantly, the club should give its supporters utmost respect. At the end of the day, Liverpool as a club will cease to exist if there will be no followers.
    Robert, Malta

  2. I attended my first match at Anfield over 50 years ago and even as a young boy “clicking” the fans through the turnstiles,because the gates did not have an automatic counter,I realised that our feelings were insignificant in the running of the club.The directors want maximum returns for their jealously guarded shares.What happened to all the funds generated during the golden years?
    Moores-I’m a fan with only the club’s best interest in mind-sells his stake to 2 Yanks at the last moment, when the due diligence procedure was complete with one of the richest families in the world,for a couple of million more.He would have known then that they were borrowing the funds to purchase and that it was just a business transaction to them.The club is being milked and the fans are just an means to an end.Parry has been in this from the start and he is probibly trying to undermine Rafa because he does not toe the party line.He(Rafa) wants success for himself and the fans just as Shankly did and from my recall Bill also had his problems with the shareholders.
    As fans we should push for the club to be fully stockmarket listed and once we have the ownership of the shares we can bring back the glory years again.

  3. i am not too happy with the new owners, downgrading the new stadium, tellin rafa to shut up, lack of understanding of all things liverpool and a lack of funds

  4. Liverpool’s PR has been a disaster for some time. Why does there seem to be an anti Liverpool bias? Is it because the club charge photographers to use the facilities at the ground for sending pictures into the papers? Just a small example, but if this is the way the media are treated, there is bound to be some hostility

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