The un-talented Mr Hicks

We didn’t comment on the pathetic bit of Tom Hicks PR yesterday.  We thought we had best sleep on it.

So first off, just remind yourselves.

Siding with Rafa is the most pathetic attempt to curry Liverpool fans favour we have ever witnessed.  Conducting this staged ‘interview’ was totally against the ethos of our club and showed yet again how little disregard the man has for the club or its fans.  The reason for the panic on Hicks part? In a little over five weeks George Gillett can sell his stake in the club to whomever he pleases, without needing Hicks authorisation.

Both these Americans promised to not put a penny of debt on the club, and to maintain the great traditions of the club, as well as building a stadium.

But what has happened in the last 14 months?

  • No stadium work has started at all
  • Both Chairmen and Rick Parry talked to Jurgen Klinsmann (who has never managed a club side) about replacing Benitez
  • Threatened Benitez with the sack if he didn’t qualify for the European knockout stages
  • Informed Rafa to ‘concentrate on coaching the team’
  • Took out a £350 million loan – a sizeable chunk of the debt directly held against Liverpool meaning Liverpool must pay around £30 million in interest a year (taking up our entire transfer budget)
  • Tom Hicks commented that profit from LFC will help pay for the Texas Rangers transfers
  • Demanded Rick Parry’s resignation via the media
  • And probably loads more stuff we forgot

Today, George Gillett (arguably not much better than Hicks) said that Hicks should conduct his business in the boardroom, not via Satellite television, and rejected Hicks accusation that it was only a matter of time before he bought Gillett’s shares.

“I am saddened at this latest outburst from Tom Hicks. If Tom wanted a serious discussion on the issues to help the club move forward, he should bring his views to the board and not to Sky Sports.

“Here we are, a few days away from a vital Champions League semi-final match and Tom has once again created turmoil.

“Tom should stop. He knows that Rick has my support and that airing his comments in this way will not change my position. His failure to discuss this with the Board or the management committee is significant.”

“I was also taken aback by his version of the events as reported (in relation to Klinsmann).

Tom needs to understand I will not sell my shares to him and that we need to find a way forward that is properly funded and in the best interests of Liverpool Football Club.

“The real business of winning matches and running and developing the club is what we should all be focused on at this moment.”

Indeed Tom you should stop.  Your media tricks may work in the States but the facts on paper prove that you have failed to be a custodian of our club.  You aren’t even welcome at Anfield.  You probably are unable to attend a board meeting because you know that thousands of fans would congregate outside waiting to speak to you.

Do the right thing Tom Hicks. Leave our club.

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The un-talented Mr Hicks

  1. Hey lads,

    We share your sentiments regarding our owner Mr Hicks. So much so that we’ve decided to blog all the info we can find on him so that:

    a) any LFC fans who support him or who might buy into his spin are reminded of the ‘real’ Tom Hicks

    b) fans of other sporting organizations are made aware of the man’s history.

    Keep up the good work,


  2. Spot on but hes not the only idiot in this charade. Their both as childish as each other.
    These guys are millionaires and they dont seem to have a braincell between them.
    Yes ok were not capatalising on the fanbase but we never had any money to do that in the past.
    DIC hurry up, let these clowns pretend to be god somewhere else. They have no idea of what football is, they dont even know what our club stands for and we, the most successfull english club ever, are turning into the butt of ever joke.
    Stop being aragant ****ers and just make a few million profit and walk away back across the pond.

  3. ‘I’m dreaming of a White Christmas’.

    The worst thing about all of this is his consumption of fossil fuels in the background.

    God I hate him.

  4. i see hicks,gillett n parry are getting all the headlines at the moment,but lets not forget david moores.yes,mr.moores..hang your head in shame,wot the hell was you thinking,when you sold out to these pair of clowns?! stop acting like a bunch of school kids,pointing your fingers at each other,for some one to take the should all “get out of town” the club needs a clean sweep,new owners n staff,a fresh start….before its the players who start to question the direction of the club,aswell as the fans

  5. Don’t forget that Hicks is the guy who paid $250million for the baseball player Alex Rodriquez when he could have bought him for far, far less than he did. His business acumen is at best debatable.

  6. The article is absolutley spot on however, the majority of whatHicks said is true. How can a club that’s website has more hits than any other football club lag so far behind in revenue? Has anyone tried to buy things from the online shop? I’ve tried frequently only to be met with a ‘currently unavailable’ message. Let’s hope this mess is sorted before the manager and top players decide that enough is enough!

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