Sorry seems to be the easiest word

"Don't worry lads, we'll just say Sorry and it will all be okay."

Did I blink and miss the honeymoon period of the new manager?

Sweeping away bad old Rafa and bringing in good old Roy was supposed to be our salvation.  At least, if you listened to some of our esteemed press.

Liverpool’s domestic season has stuttered.  And it’s not just the results that are worrying.  Last season the reds spent long spells without Gerrard and Torres through injury, and although chances were plentiful, in some games our downfall was a combination of poor defending and/or weak finishing.

It seems this season Liverpool are struggling to even find the opponents penalty box.

Birmingham away was as dismal as it got, lucky to walk away with a point, whereas last year it was considered bad luck.  Sneaked past West Brom at home. And totally outclassed at Man City and Man Utd.  Ironically we’ve been arguably the only side to make Man City look decent this season.

But apparently there were ‘positives’ to be had from the Birmingham game.  And Steven Gerrard was ‘pleased’ with our performance at Old Trafford. A match which saw one shot on target – the free kick that went in.

More worrying will be the abundance of apologies and excuses that not only appear after games, but we’re also getting snippets of them before we kick off.

So while Roy, Babel, Jovanovic and even Eccleston trot out their apologies they would do well to remember who they manage and play for.

At Liverpool we don’t expect apologies, we demand performances.  We demand a bit of pride in the shirt.

What are they apologising for? It’s either they didn’t work hard enough or they aren’t good enough.  If it’s either then they shouldn’t be at Liverpool FC. Simple as that.

Everybody knows that until the current owners are removed future prospects are bleak, but that doesn’t excuse the players from putting a shift in for the millions of fans.

What has been served up so far this season is dross.

Any hiccups in the next 5 league games could etch some serious stains on a number of people’s CV’s.

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Sorry seems to be the easiest word

  1. Nevermind Hodgson for now because if we don’t improve by Jan 2011 then Torres and Gerard are sure to walk away and i won’t blame them either.Without these two were are serious relegation candidates.

  2. It was clear to see since Man City that he is not qualified enough to manage a big club like we are. And we can’t blame that on missing ownership anymore! I remember watching our side looking good against Arsenal at home at the start of the season, and a week later against Man City you could see Roy swamped with work to do which he won’t be able to get done. Talking about relegation NEXT season, if the ownership issues dont get solved in the next 3 weeks, we’ll face relegation THIS season!

  3. Hodgson is not the man to lead our club. He has to exhibit fight, determination, confidence and sheer guts. Hodgson lacks all of these and when added to tactical incompetence, he is a disaster. His low expectations against Birmingham, then followed a love in with Ferguson who accused Torres of cheating, and now an apology and blaming the players. Yes the players were poor, but it’s your team Roy and you are to blame Time to clear off to a siutable small club where disasters are acceptable.

  4. Roy’s job is to keep us up. This year, barring injuries, we’re a mid table side. If the ownership issues aren’t sorted out then next year is a relegation battle. As a man to keep us in the Premier league then Roy is as good an appointment as any, but he is here to manage our decline until the yanks are gone.

    Maybe now our fans will wake up to reality. It is the fans who had unrealistic expectations that hastened the departure of the one manager capable of winning more than our resources justify

  5. Is it over yet???…

    Can we get to the weekend already?… there’s a meal from Krunchy Fried Chicken in it for the one that get’s us a win!

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