Liverpool make a mess of League Cup semi-final ticketing

After a League Cup campaign that has seen Liverpool  drawn away in every round, the reds finally get a home game in the competion in January thanks to the two legged nature of the semi final.

Club's ticketing policy questioned

However, the club’s allocation of tickets for the home game (the 2nd leg) has confounded many of the clubs fans – often for very different reasons.

The first group available for tickets are, quite rightly, season ticket holders who opted to join the Auto Cup scheme earlier this summer.  No problems there – these fans committed themselves to attending the League Cup home games well in advance.

Next up is LFC members who have recorded at least 3 Premier League games this season, and then next up is the season ticket holders who elected not to join the Auto Cup scheme.

Our main gripe with the system is that it does not offer any reward for either members OR season ticket holders who have attended the games in this competition so far – people who have travelled up and down the country in the middle of the week to Exeter, Brighton, Stoke and London.

Whilst those fans are likely to be recognised for the away fixture – it seems a shame that fans committed to travelling to support the reds are not rewarded by being first in line for an Anfield ticket.

Some Season Ticket holders who have not been to a League Cup game, and have not joined the Auto Cup scheme are also upset – however this is a minor issue – as they had the opportunity to join the Auto Cup scheme ahead of any other fans of the club.  Last year, only 300 season ticket holders not in the Auto Cup scheme decided to buy a ticket for the Northampton home game in the same competition last year.

We would propose the following system and hope the club decide to reward loyalty to those who have supported the club in to the semi finals and in last years shorter cup run.

1. ST holders who joined Auto Cup scheme.

2. Members/ST holders who have attended a League Cup game this season.

3. Members/ST holders who attended the Northampton game last year.

3. Members with x number of games.

4. ST holders who did not join Auto Cup scheme.

Next summer we anticipate that after ST holders have been offered the chance of joining the Auto Cup, a similar scheme will be offered to the club’s membership.

What are your thoughts on the club’s ticketing plan for the Man City home game?


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Liverpool make a mess of League Cup semi-final ticketing

  1. I agree with the article.  I dont have a seson ticket and have managed to get a ticket for every game this season which is great (although I understand Toms point above).  Previously I have only managed to get limited ticckets, usually for less popular games. 
    So now, I will be able to get a ticket for City in the cup which is boss, and would still be the same under the proposals in the article.  I went away to stoke in the league cup – but by rights, people who have been to more aways should take precedence over me.

  2. The whole system of ticketing this year has been a joke. Having every home game ticket split into 2 sales means if you miss that 1 morning due to work or the ridiculous number of people trying to get on the website, you miss half the season.

    Really hope it goes back to last years system.

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