Reds right to remove Fernando

Torres has cut a forlorn figure for LFC of late

A couple of days after Torres dropped the news about wanting to leave Liverpool for Chelsea we considered the reds options.

And as we welcome in February after a hectic transfer day, all indications are that Liverpool ultimately did the right thing for ourselves by selling the player on.  His comments upon signing Chelsea indicated the lack of loyalty common place in most modern footballers.

He sold all of us his lies, his autobiography and his shirts, but all the suggestions coming out of the club is that the right choice was made.

For a while now it appears Fernando Torres has been playing for Fernando Torres Football Club and not Liverpool.  As the new owners pick up the pieces from the previous regime that left us with only one senior striker (and an unhappy and disruptive one than that) it made little sense to keep him skulking around Melwood like a petulant child.

Torres has not been the player for Liverpool that he was, but Liverpool fans remained loyal to him despite his poor performances.  He may well go on to be brilliant for Chelsea – but the fact remains that he never would have done for Liverpool.  His heart wasn’t in it anymore, and he wasn’t earning his salary for the reds.

In years gone by Liverpool decided when players were to be disposed of, but since the player investment dried up at Anfield, Alonso, Mascherano and Torres have all felt the desire to slap transfer requests in.

The reds were believed to be considering whether to attempt to convince Torres to stay, but as it turned out, decided against wasting their breath – something which surprised Fernando himself.

Liverpool can count the transfer profit on those players (at £60M), but up until October, sadly, the reds wasted over £100M in 3 years on interest to the Royal Bank of Scotland.

Although the reds only managed to spend £2M in this transfer window, due in no part to Torres’ late decision to cause chaos for the reds, it is clear that intention and funds are there for Liverpool to once again head in to the transfer market in the summer with a substantial pot of cash.

Chelsea may have splashed out £70M from Roman’s back-pocket (ironically on the day they announced a loss of £70M in 2010), but it will be Liverpool’s willingness to spend £35 and £23M apiece on two players that will have the rest of Europe talking.

For too long now, the reds have been quite simply not involved in the competition for the world’s better players.  The infamous failure to buy Carlton Cole because at £9M he cost too much in August last year is now a distant memory.

Liverpool are a solvent football club.  Now, without the huge weight of debt, they can once again compete at the highest level of the market.

Fernando Torres may claim that he left because of lack of ambition, although numerous other goings on at Liverpool in recent years are behind his decision.  Liverpool held firm that it would take £50M, and even ended up holding the Torres deal up while they made sure they had a replacement striker signed first.

Torres’ departure may well have been the final major blow of the old regime.  The day we buried the misery of a regime that almost put Liverpool in to administration.  In our view, it was the final shockwave.

Mums and Dads will be explaining to their children today why Fernando Torres no longer plays for Liverpool.  Their reasoning should be simple. “He didn’t believe anymore.  He chose to walk alone.” Only time will tell if he will miss out on the Golden Sky.

Liverpool Football Club are stronger today than they were yesterday, and that is where our priorities are.

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Reds right to remove Fernando

  1. torres motive was money money money. he knew in advance how much more money he would be getting. but think his move will backfire on him as if he doesnt score the goals his salary will drop. also dont think he can handle bench warming not his comfort zone. think his injuries will become more common. then he is with players who have big egos. but we have 2 young strikers who have more potential than him so its a dream come true for us.

  2. As i wrote on another board i watched the Stoke game an we’re playing like a different team from 2 months ago, so much fight to win back the ball and driving forward with confidence, KK has them passing the ball forward instead of hoofing it, Mireles had a great game and took his goal very well. Great to not be dreading a Liverpool match.

    Suarez appears very tricky and fast and i look forward to him an our new no 9 linking up. Common sense seems to be running our beloved club now and thank God for it. Forget nando and keep shouting for those who want to be a part of something that money cant buy.

    I really hope our fans dont boo Torres, show more class than the chelski chavs !!!


  3. it will be interesting to see how much time torres spends on the treatment table at stamford bridge compared to anfield, or was his injuries at lfc more lies, as soon as things start to go a bit wrong at chelsea he’ll do exactly the same as he’s done at liverpool, and his next port of call will probably be city, he would do well to notice that chelsea’s squad are ageing now, and will need more than the two players they’ve bought to keep them at the top end of the table, roman wont be able to bankroll the team out of his own pocket for much longer, especially when the new legislation comes into being… this space.y.n.w.a.

  4. i could’nt believe some of the comment’s nando came out with in his chelsea interview…i have come to a club where the fans and club want me, is he trying to say he was’nt wanted at anfield, the adulation he got from all sides of anfield was awesome,he also said he has gone to a club at the highest level, and full of history, what history do c.f.c. have, the bottom line is he told all l.f.c.supporters a pack of lie’s from day one. he’s only a mercenary, no more no less, and i do think one day soon he will regret the leaving of liverpool.

  5. Foreign players generally are mercenaric. They go where the money and the trophies are and have no club loyalty. Local lads like Gerrard, Carragher, Fowler tend to have club loyalty because Liverpool is their hometown and they wouldn’t want to have a scum tag label in their hometown. But foreign players don’t care.

  6. Let’s forget the 3st January chaos and move on. Torres had done a lot for Liverpool with his goals, that we should thank him. But unfortunately, he left LFC on a “not-so-nice” note, which people will remember this more than all his good services. Too bad Nando, nevertheless, good luck. Hope, instead of you scoring against us, we’ll win the game against you!!

  7. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could pip Chelsea for 4th spot 🙂 Oh what a dream….
    The only problem I have with the entire situation is if Carroll is worth 35M. Kinda like spending your annual bonus on a lottery ticket.
    I think the biggest message here is that Dalgliesh appears to be around for a long time – you wouldn’t let him spend 50M for another person to manage.
    As for moving to Chelsea as a ‘big club’, seems to me that CFC are having worse problems than LFC right now. If they had not recorded a few significant wins early in the season (long ago), they would be right where we are now.
    Finally, I thought the best comment yet was on the News: ‘Seemed like Torres used the same speech at Chelsea as when he arrived at Liverpool’.

  8. You see to Torres a big club is one that is currently competing in the champion’s league where as to most Football fans it means history, spirit and tradition. Chelsea are an artificial club with manufactured fans, like a castle made of sand their fans will walk away when times are tough!. They’re an ageing side that will need massive reinvestment in the near future.

    Hopefully, our tough days are behind us now so we can look forward to the summer when more new faces should arrive. I truely believe that in time Fernando Torres will regret his decison like Michael Owen and Steve McManaman whose career basically ended after leaving Anfield.

    At an emotionless club that is Chelsea, Torres will just be another foreigner expected to act like machinery that will eventually be disposed of when he’s unable to do the job.

    • Steve McManaman that won the Champions League twice, scoring the winner in one of those finals after leaving Liverpool? You shouldn’t include Macca in that list of traitors. We tried to sell him to Barcelona agaisnt his wishes before he left so he was probably paying the club back for treating him like a mug

  9. In my time as a supporter i’ve seen Rush, Fowler, McManaman, Owen, Crouch, Cisse and then there came Torres… And just like the names listed on top, when i think of owen and fowler they’ve had a bit bigger boost for the club and us as supporters (correct me when i’m wrong) cos thinking of owen, he got us hyped up from day one almost. And he left… And to be honest seeing him in a manc shirt still gets me angrier than the twat that left us for chelsea on monday. And on looking-foward: The kings doing the right thing im certain and i trust him all the way! Bringing in good english players with the mentality that we need in our team and kenny bringing the mentality to the entire club by example bringing back the bootroom and treats sky how they need to be treated and treating US how we want to be treated! With THE KING back, we’ll truly NEVER walk alone!

  10. Bluenose – You ATTEMPTED to argue a good point which I’ll give you over most of the vitrolic brothers in arms that are your fellow blues but you forgot ONE enormously important point; That point being? The fact that IF “Torres leaving has sent out a clear message to the World that Liverpool are not what they were” indeed sent the world a message?

    Then ANOTHER message was soon sent out in our response to that – We SMASHED the British Transfer Record for his replacement – Spending more than anyone here’s EVER spent on a striker – Until Chelsea went 15 million better for Torres himself a couple of minutes later. You get that? We spent More than Any of United’s mega-transfers of recent years, more than Aresenal, Spurs and City more even than Chelsea themselves spent on any player until they tied up Their end of this mad merry go round to get Torres.

    And whilst Carroll may appear to be a ‘panic-buy’ You can’t but agree it’s also one hell of a statement from Anfield. NOT exactly the actions of a club who “aren’t what they once were” I think you’ll agree in the end no? In fact more like the actions of a Big 4 side that’s been asleep for a couple of (awful) seasons and has now decided to wake up, storm back to where it was in May 2009 and trample all in it’s path in the process yes? More to the point – I don’t know if you noticed – But we completted the Carroll AND Suarez deals on the same day – So we Bought TWO class strikers in to compensate for the loss of Torres and my final point? We finished and delivered the Carroll deal BEFORE Torres went to Chelsea to settle terms – Meaning? WE paid the majority of the fee Before receiving Roman Abramovich’s oil money.

    If you look at all this logically? I think you’ll find therefore that we had the cash to do that – And got 50 million for Torres And have another 13 odd million due for Aquilani in the summer as well as completing the Suarez deal independently of the Carroll merry go round? And that we’ll probably have something like that little lot available AGAIN in the summer for team rebuilding – As ALL club funds now go into the TEAM rather than RBS or Hicks & Gillette (thankfully long departed) back pockets? Then you’ll see that we might just have rather deeper pockets than all those who laughed at John Henry and the NESV consortium when they took over back in October anticipated. I’m certain NO-ONE expected what we did yesterday and they’ll be more – A LOT more like that to come in the next few transfer windows as we undo the damage done by 5 such windows without team investment under the previous regime.

    In fact – Looking at various responses to what we’ve just done across the Internet tonight and last night? I think this rather worries not a few of your fellow blues – Mayhap even you no? As well as those fans of other sides now laughing at us for the Carroll fee – The very fact we PAID that fee and increased it until we were ready – As well as getting Suarez separately and issued such a thumping response to losing Torres? Shows that we’re no longer to be messed with in the Transfer market or (soon) on the pitch. The fact it was All – including Torres exit – done with such speed, purpose and relative media silence with the dithering inherent at Anfield since waaay back in 1991 in our boardroom now ruthlessly excised? Well I believe all this taken together sends one message above ALL others screaming out from Anfield with a red tint glowing behind it? That message? Liverpool, the OLD Liverpool FC are back………..

  11. I’m all for LFC but some people make me wonder…FT is just 26 old geezer, just a kid really. Dont make him responsible for more than what he can/could bring to the club. What can YOU bring to the club ? Except your frustration and anger for FT. Get a life you lot.

  12. Good Luck Torres.There were good time and bad times.Please don’t be like the rest and start to slag off Liverpool.Hope it all works out for you.

  13. we are liverpool fc not torries fc, he played for us did well, but for me to injury prone another kewell. sicknote, im i sorry to see him not really not when you see whats coming in, two top class strikers, fighters & teamplayers, maybe back to to the partners days, Dalglish/Rush, Dalglish/Aldaridge, Toshack/Keegan. COME ON YOU REDS,
    Hand on heart i think and hope he lives to regret the day he left liverpool.
    could of been worse and he went to manu.
    torries thank you but now get lost

    • That will never happen. He’ll get booed. I wish we would blank him instead, but there is way too much pain and hurt in the manner in which he left. I won’t boo, but I CERTAINLY don’t blame those who will. And trust me… they WILL.

  14. Nice article. I fully agree and support no man is bigger than the club, KK is talking lots of sense and is dealing with issues extremely well. I can understand why FT would want out if he isn’t interested in LFC, although with new management and KK surely this was a good opportunity to stay committed. That last word is the issue though isn’t it, commitment to LFC. This is what we the fans ask, they want to play for this great club, they want to be part of the team.

    Carroll worries me a little, not because of the money, pressure, age etc but because he clearly is a NUFC person. He loves that club and has been pushed (depending on who you believe although Ashley isn’t very trustworty) because of the money offered. I have no doubt he will do his best but did he really want to go to LFC? Will he be walking out with his head down thinking I wish I was home. I hope not, he is a great potential and i’m very excited about his partnership with Suarez.

    Be really interesting to see how the “team” responds to all this.

    If Hodgson was still here we’d be reading how we sold FT 50m and brought Bobby Zamora


    • “If Hodgson was still here we’d be reading how we sold FT 50m and brought Bobby Zamora” – best line I’ve read in days of transfer madness articles. Although I’d add “…for 25m”.

      Might have got a deal for Robert Huth across the line also?… 😉

  15. The player wanted to win things and LFC failed him by the recent failure to win any trophies or to support any promises that might have been made to him last summer when Hodgson flew out to meet him. Is it any surprise that a top flight footballer wants to achieve something in his career? He certainly felt that this was not going to happen at Liverpool.

    Liverpool fans have every reason to be angry but certainly not at Torres wanting to better himself but more at a poor record of signings and failure to live up to expectations. Harsh words but true.

    As for ‘Money Bags’ Abromovich’ LFC would have had him in a heartbeat. It is just sour grapes that he chose another team over Liverpool as it is with the Sheikhs at Citeh.

    Liverpool have a great history but how long can they live on that? The big issue is the present and the future and LFC have a long way to go to reclaim their lost glory.

    I’m sorry to say that LFC have lost quite a few great players over the past few years for the same reasons (Alonso & Mascherano in particular and very nearly Gerrard too ) and they will continue to do so unless things change. Torres leaving has sent out a clear message to the World that Liverpool are not what they were.

    LFC will either crash & burn or put things right in time but don’t villify a player for seeing the truth and how things really are. Are LFC capable of finishing above Arsenal, City, Man Utd, Chelsea and a resurgent Tottenham to qualify for a Champions League slot? I think not and neither did Torres.

    I think I’ve argued a good point that all Reds fans won’t like but will have to stomach.

    • That last line is crucial to your piece, because you are right… it is something we’ve had to stomach and it has REALLY hurt over the past few seasons. We went from 2nd to 7th and from 7th to Hodgson! It was a disastrous series of events, culminating in an embarrassing ownership fiasco. Thank GOD NESV have come in and gave us our dignity back. Picking King Kenny, splashing out money on young talent… and having the balls to sell Torres for what he is worth rather than the 30-35 mil I think Hicks & Gillette would have done. Overall I think we are heading the right direction… and I am NOT talking about Title #19. I’m talking about being respectable and competitive again.

  16. Interesting points, but it feels a bit emotional rather than rational. We don’t know all the full details; we can only assume; did Chelsea tap him up by saying Liverpool were going backward but that they could offer him the glitz of London, the champions league and so on. (If so, its also easy to blame Torres for lack of loyalty, but he could have left earlier, and he’s only 27 or whatever – these days lots of people at that age are really kids; easily misled, manipulated etc). Did his agents, family, friends and others also convince him to think about leaving looking at Liverpool’s recent performances. Hodgson managed to get the WORST out of almost all the team; no wonder Torres was frustrated; last year injury of course affected his performance.

    I’m definitely sad to see him go, the sudden way in which he went, but we may never know the full details; we can only assume various things.

    Although he’s quickly coming to an age where many strikers have started their downward trend, I still think we sold him on the cheap given the potential he could have been other Kenny…

    Oh well, wish him well, wish he doesn’t score against us, but plenty against Man U. One thing for sure, blue won’t suit him, having worn red 🙂

  17. he is better off probably knew he would get big jump in salary and play champions league soccer. yes he looked unhappy. just wonder if he will show his true form at chelsea.we are better off without him upsets team chemistry.

  18. The only player, that was worth of begging to stay was STEVEN GERRARD
    How bout we sing: “Who was the lad from sunny spain? Don’t know, already forgot the name,
    the KING KENNY will bring glory days back again!”

  19. Oh Fernando how easily you forget “The support of the fans who always showed respect to me when I came to Stamforde bridge and to Anfield ” Continually singing songs about you being a transvestite and other such vitriol > I realise english may not be your first language but surely you must have understood some of the filth that was directed at you by your new wonderfull fans > Respect Fernando is what you were given in all your time at anfield > Am I bitter you have left and bemused like loyal supporters of every team we are still gullible enough to believe the words of our idols mean anything You were a true football artist , a player of grace, im sorry but if I want to wish you luck it would be as hollow as your words were to us

    • One of my best mates is a massive Chelsea supporter and he CONSTANTLY told me how “pretty” he thought Torres was! Needless to say, the respect comment is a bit of a joke!

  20. Fernando said “at the end of the day, I’m just a player” and he wishes to play at a top club. Seems ok to me. Its terrible to look thruth in the eyes but Liverpool management screwed the pooch and made us a middle table bunch of crap. It all seems logical and right as of now.

  21. Great to see a return of the Liverpool way of doing things. “Do you want to play for Liverpool?”, “No, well thanks for the memories and there’s the door”. “Hello new player”.

    No begging, no improved contract, no media comments, no being held to ransom – just a quiet dignity, dictating the terms of the transfer and moving quickly to bring in new blood.

    Thanks King Kenny YNWA

  22. Well written article – almost brought a tear!!

    Good Luck to Torres (apart from Sunday of course) he bought us some amazing goals. Though much bigger welcome and luck to the new signings…Cant wait to see if they can from a decent partnership.

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