I can’t get no ‘immediate’ satisfaction

A week is a long time in football.

A week ago we were celebrating a demolition over our local rivals – the 3-0 victory over the blues, as well as progression to the FA Cup Semi Final.  A second return to Wembley in as many months for a club who hadn’t been there for the previous 16 years.

And now today we reflect on two disappointing reverses away at QPR and at home to Wigan Athletic.

King Kenny! Kenny must go! King Kenny! Kenny must go. You get the point.

It became obvious to me after the Arsenal game that the much heralded ‘4th place trophy’ had slipped out our grasps.  And Everton aside, our results in the league appear to have reflected the fact the players too know that particular game is up.  Steven Gerrard managed to up his game for the derby, with local pride at stake, but he – like many of the others – appear to be unable to turn up for other league games.

Let’s be clear here – Kenny Dalglish is not immune from criticism.  And as I looked on from The Kop on Saturday it didn’t take me, or those around me too long to realise the futility of playing Luis Suarez, alone up front, against what appeared at times to be three centre-halves.

When Reina had the ball there was little urgency from the midfield to break forward.  Instead they dawdled out, expecting Suarez to collect the ball and trick his way past the entire Wigan defence, after winning the first ball, second ball and third ball himself.


Thankfully that decision was amended at half time, but by then Liverpool had settled in to a lacklustre tired-looking display.  The players may well have been tired, or lazy, or a combination of the both – but they didn’t look like they had the gears they showed in the first half of the season.

Another criticism that can be levelled at Kenny, or maybe higher up depending on where you like to grind your axe, is that the reds did not grab themselves another attacking player in the January transfer window.  The reds have paid throughout the entire season for a lack of clinical finishing in front of goal.  Downing doesn’t look like he can do it, Henderson looks terrified of doing it, Adam has trouble doing it from 12 yards, Gerrard’s been out for large swathes of the season, Suarez isn’t prolific enough even when he isn’t out for 9 games, and Carroll has been more in and out of the Liverpool team than a round of the Hokey-Cokey.

It is easy to say the reds have made mistakes in their summer transfer strategy.  But equally – Henderson, Downing and Adam have performed nowhere near the level they did at their previous clubs – nevermind gaining the expected improvement we require.  Injuries to Agger, Leiva and Johnson have culminated in a rapidly declining defensive performance too.

Just as a week is a long time in football, 14 months is an eternity these days – but for those with memories surpassing that of a sieve the tepid football we were playing under Hodgson has been, on the whole eradicated.  Liverpool, most of the time now, play attacking passing football.  The build up only slowed by a lack of quality amongst the playing staff – but the football and the ethos is an improvement.

Liverpool should not be as far down in the league as we are.  It is clear to almost everyone that we have not picked up the points we deserved for some fine performances.  Man Utd, Man City, Spurs and Arsenal at home yielded a miserly 3 points out of 12.  Anyone who witnessed those games, even a neutral, would be hard pushed to concede that was a true reflection.

Wigan was poor, and the other shocker that springs to mind performance wise at Anfield was the Swansea game.  But the 2 poor performances have unfortunately been exacerbated by a good handful more poor results.

In this day and age of fans demanding instant overnight success it is no surprise to see the media hoping to whip up something, now they have completed their mission of getting AVB the sack.  It is also sad but expected to see the same LFC sites, who helped Rafa Benitez to the sack, also allowing their impatience get to them once more.  But the LFC fans who saw the reds win their first trophy for 6 years last month, and those who will be travelling to Wembley again next month should take some lessons from history.

Liverpool’s league campaign has been poor.  Competing in two other tournaments has taken the squads eye off the ball.  The reds are not yet capable of competing in 3 or more competitions.  The reds need at least one striker, and arguably another winger but that’s what the summer is for.

The reds are back in Europe next season, not at the top table, but back in.  Dalglish will be all too aware of the players who have let him down this year and will be keen to ensure the same mistake isn’t made again.  Fenway’s initial foray into buying British players with nothing on their CV of note has had mixed results.

So while you and I may be hugely disappointed with our league campaign, you can bet that the club’s manager is even more furious.  When you have won as much as he has, played in and built teams that created success and success then you will understand that there will be few people out there with as much personal motivation to continue our forward progress.

Dismantling the project we are embarking on would be folly.  See you at Wembley in a couple of weeks. Again.

Kenny stays.

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I can’t get no ‘immediate’ satisfaction

  1. Some of this really is strange. Liverpool football club exists to be a source of pride to its fans. It does this primarily by winning trophies. We’ve just won our first for 6 years. We entered 3 domestic competitions at the start of the season. We’ve won one of them and are close to winning a second. We are the only club with an opportunity to win more than one domestic trophy this season. Progress? To some obviously not.

    Harry Redknapp is now in his 4th season as manager of Tottenham. Since guiding the club out of the relegation zone of the PL in 2008 – 09, Redknapp managed to secure CL qualification and has recieved many plaudits. However, Spurs have not won a trophy under Redknapp and currently have taken only 2 points from their last 15 as their season begins to implode. Should he be sacked? Based on the logic of many so called Liverpool fans and muppets in the media, he should’ve gone a long time ago. Don’t tell me, Harry’s great at buying talented players? Yeah I seem to remember he re-signed Robbie Keane from us, got Peter Crouch back before bombing him off to Stoke. In came Pascal Chimbonda and who can forget the roaring success that was Steven Pienaar. Spurs do have some top players though. Bale, Modric, Assou Ekotto, Pavlyuchenko, etc…..all signed by Damien Commolli of course.

    • but you know what?………..I am sure Liverpool as a whole would trade in two useless trophies to be in the Spur’s PL table position at the moment any day of the week. Liverpool top priority this season was to qualify for CL, NESV owner Henry said and I quote, it would be dissapointing if Liverpool did not finish top four. Henry did not mention anything about Carling or FA cup…..hmmmm geez I wonder why.

      • Tell me why CL qualification is so important? We qualified for it for 5 straight seasons under Rafa and managed to win the thing once and get to another final. Yet we’re still waiting for a league title? Did it kick us on to the next level like peopel think it does? The answer is no. What about Arsenal? They were ‘invincibles’ in 2003 – 04 and have qualified for the CL every season since, but they’ve massively regressed as a team. Surely based on everyone’s view of the CL as the shot in the arm that teams need to kick them on, Arsenal should have gone on to dominate Europe?

        People always like to state how it will help us to buy better players, but face facts. In the premier league era, the best players we’ve had in most positions have been home grown. We’ve not signed many better defenders than Carra, the best midfielder we’ve ever had is Gerrard, we’ve not had a wide player as good as Steve McManaman and Robbie Fowler would get my nod over the unloyal Torres. A certain Michael Owen did OK too. The truth is, if we need better players, we should be channeling our efforts into unearthing our own. This is not dependent on CL qualification. 

    • No football club exists to give pride based upon what they win. Are you telling me that you’re only proud to be fan when they win a trophy? Do you stop wearing your shirt on Saturday afternoon if they lose? You don’t stop loving your children when they don’t succeed, or if they make mistakes. Also, I don’t think 8 points in 3 months is progress, no. Neither is winning a cup when (let’s be fair) the only testing games were Chelsea and City. Edging the final against a lower league team. After penalties. It doesn’t mean anything when there is at least 20% more income from winning the CL than there is from winning the PL.

      If the team don’t perform as well as they can (or should) then it’s the players’ faults. If the right teams aren’t being selected, or the right players aren’t brought in, the onus is on the management. Who do you blame?

  2. what a load of liverbird sh*t…….screw the Carling & FA cup, no one cares. Everyone just cares about CL and the fact is that Liverpool are not in it for another season and this is unacceptable. NESV for crying out loud, grow some balls and fire dicklessglish and crapmolli and bring in a manager who has an eye to buy talent and a brain to set good football tactics. Man I am still pissed off that Wigan actually won at Anfield.

  3. Very good and very true… Henderson is a bit overawed by the whole Anfield experience and Adam needs to stop playing for himself and think about the team. Downing is coming on the last few weeks so maybe him and Hendo will mature into next season. Spearing has been a revelation but he is in the Danny Murphy mould and maybe not what Liverpool need in midfield. Definately another striker and need to get Amoo into the first team fold.

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