Shocking LFC Team Photo

Remember the good old days when the team photo was delivered early August, in the centre pages of Shoot or Match.

Liverpool’s team photo for this season was finally released today (yes it is November) and I haven’t yet decided if it is a huge disappointment or comical genius.

The picture was taken at Melwood in late September and the past 6 weeks have obviously been spent by somebody on work experience with a copy of the Dummy’s Guide to Photoshop. They should have read it.

Why can’t the club and the players spare half an hour of their time to take the short drive to Anfield to get it done properly. For a start whos body is Kewell’s head on. Where’s JAR’s tattoo’s, and who just upset Crouch?


Waiting till November – we all expected it to be at least half-decent.

We’ve got an ultimatum for Liverpool. Do it properly next year, actually at Anfield, with no Photoshop head-swapping or you will be getting the picture taken at half time in the Anfield derby.

Oh and you may as well stick the Premiership trophy in there for good measure and we will consider forgetting all about this picture. 😉

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