LFC fans’ views on Kenny Dalglish’s targets

After 20 games of the Premier League season, the Liverpool board dispensed with the services of Roy Hodgson.

Liverpool had won only 25 out of  a possible 60 points in the Premier League, and were lying in 12th position.

In the 4 Premier League games since Kenny Dalglish’s arrival as a caretaker, the reds have picked up 7 points out of 12, and have tentatively moved in to 7th place, admittedly with a large gap to 6th and 5th, and with a couple of teams behind with a game in hand.

Only last week Damien Comolli insisted that Kenny Dalglish would be amongst the candidates for the next permanent Liverpool manager to be announced in the summer.

But what could Dalglish do in the short term to make him guaranteed for the job?

With the reds still in the Europa League, and with the Dalglish playing for a maximum 54 points (42 still to play for), what would need to happen for John W Henry and Tom Werner to call off the search?

We asked LFC fans who follow us on our Twitter page and our Facebook page for their thoughts.  

Here are a selection of their responses.

@AbstractView – Ambitious to see us higher than 6th, imo. Personally feel owners already keen on retaining him.They see his impact so far

@craigs3 – Results are important, but style & passion of play and great spirit in the club is vital too. Obviously, new players needed.

@onetotwo – top 5 (and hopefully a decent shot at the EL) was my initial reaction. Hard to say who FSG are comparing him with though.

@rodrobson6960 – I reckon he is doing a great job as our spirit is returning daily. He talks so much sense. The players and fans love him.

@Raven_Risoliere – European football next year

@petermac_71 – League top 6 after all our probs at the start of the season and a good run in the europa league maybe winners will do.

@SPMurray7 – Top 5 guarantees him the job top 6 makes it almost impossible to fire him especially given the position when he took over

@ianyoungkop – I think top 6 and us playing football the when we did against wolves on Saturday full houses every other week wouldn’t hurt

@TheLando618 – I think positive football and Europa league qualification. Definitely if he got us to Champions League.

@MattB_UK – For me: 5th, with a long term strategy for bringing in new players, replacing the dead wood, and introducing youngsters.

@IH8MU4EVA – I’d say top 8 finish and a decent run in Europa. But he’s probably gonna get kept on anyway

@bapsman – Be himself, that should be it.

@abdulgomaa – We need results to base that decision on.. so far it’s been good. Could’ve been better.. so I think it’s best to wait and see.

@fletchico – Top six and win the Europa. After a big final win they would find it very hard to get rid of him.

@RWHegarty – I would say if he makes Europe he is pretty much nailed on, that & good results against the teams above us would guarantee it

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6 comments on
LFC fans’ views on Kenny Dalglish’s targets

  1. looks like kuyt and lucas have been found out.now lets give pacheco.sterling .shelvey.sosa a try .kids who will get on the end of gerrards passes .alongside torres they will do well.the crowd will back them up if they try unless we give these kids a chance [ince. amoo just to name afew .they will leave

  2. there is no quick fix. patience is needed.how long .[dunno] given time.at the helm kenny will turn things round.the stadium is crying out for young pacheco so come on kenny try him instead of kuyt .at least this kid can pass the ball

  3. Very few in the media have a clue compared to our core Supporters, Kenny, (as with Rafa) is a key component in the “holy trinity” bonding supporters players & the bootroom..

    so we dont need fans nor media moaning about lack of transfers we dont NEED new players, a couple are WANTED, and would add to the squad, but whats more important is using what we have better, which is what kenny is doing…either you trust Kenny or not and as Kenny has said he is happy and has money but will “spend it carefully” then why cant some fans accept that and not join the “transfer window panic” ?

    I disagree with thosee writers moaning, i dont have to be right..but what i do know is that I will back Kenny, and if Kenny says we are “ok” with or without those 2 (suarez/Adam) then its good enough for me..yes i want success , but not at any price, this club has been mis-managed too much especially since moore employed parry, then the hicks / purslow / hodgson rubbish, its time we sorted it out on and off the pitch showing strength in negociations is as important as showing fight as they did last night..REDmates ! 😀

  4. he has brought the team together in short space of time just imagine wat he could do with two or three new players and another season plus players and fans love him ud be mad too let him go

  5. I think 6th will be it unless spurs, city or chelsea hit a poor run of form. I think we can win the uefa cup as King Kenny (and players and fans) would really want that after the season we have had. I hope they keep him on next season. He knows his stuff, knows the liverpool way, and atleast we are playing better passing football now. Even if we do not waste money money in this january sham transfer market, keep the 30 million plus the 6 million from babel, add it to another 30 million they will probably give us in the summer, sell poulson, jovanivich, ands we should have around 80 million to get 4 or 5 quality players in to become contenders again.

  6. if they give him the players he needs, top 5 even 4 hes that good. to think if they gave him the job in first place, instead of HODGSON we would be challenging now..well done purslow..you and the others hang your head in shame…

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