A grand old day for Mr Gerrard

Steven Gerrard’s had one of them days after being honoured as an Honorary Freeman of the Borough of Knowsley, the place where he was born and spent most of his life.

Members of Knowsley Borough Council gave the unaminous approval to the decision tonight and the Huyton-born Gerrard who comes from the Bluebell Estate in the town will no doubt attend the ceremony shortly. We are at the moment unsure as to whether the status still enables the Freeman to receive a free pint in every pub in the borough – Stevie often gets back for a pint to his old local the Rose and Crown just off Huyton Lane.

Also in an interview with the official site Steven was confident about his current form and the prospects for Liverpool’s future using language sure to bring a wintry glow to Liverpool fans hearts.

On his current form…

On a personal note I’m really happy because I think my form has been consistent. Over the last six to eight weeks it’s been a bit up and down but I can feel myself getting back to my usual self.

Asked if Liverpool are improving as a team…

I think so, yes. If you look at our last results and see how they performed then you can say they are finding their feet. Liverpool is one of the biggest clubs in the world and it’s really difficult to settle because there is such a high expectation and because we play at such a high level, but they are all magnificent players and I can guarantee all the supporters that the squad is a lot stronger and that we’ll win a lot more trophies in the future.

Asked about the reds future….

I think the future is bright. There has been a lot of talk in the media of late about the takeover and I’ve been fortunate enough to meet with the people who are going to be taking over the club. I’m very excited. They assured me and the rest of the players that the club is going to be in safe hands and that the future is going to be really bright.

Will the takeover be long-term?

Yes, definitely, and that was one of the most important things. The first thing they said was they were very interested in making sure the future was bright and that the club was going to be very successful on and off the pitch. That’s what we wanted to hear.

Are the players as excited as the fans about the investment opportunities?

Yes. I think the players share the same feelings as the fans. We want to be really successful. The fans have been reading the same things as I’ve been reading and so they’ve got every right to be excited. Having met them, I’m even more excited now because I’ve heard their thoughts face to face.

Good one Stevie. After Istanbul in 2005 and Cardiff in 2006 we all fancy another day trip or two in 2007…:)

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