Confirmed: Liverpool £450 million bid announced

The story we posted two days ago has finally broke in the national media. Under strict financial legislation – companies need to disclose impending financial decisions and today both Liverpool FC and the Arabian Capital Investment group announced their on-going co-operation in a possible Liverpool takeover.

As we disclosed, the Dubai Investment Capital group have been granted exclusivity to look at Liverpool’s books and possibly proceed with what would amount to an initial £450 million cash injection.

On paper the £450 million stacks up as nearly £200 million to completely fund the new Liverpool FC stadium. Another £150 million on buying David Moores shareholding and up to £100 million on Liverpool’s ‘debt’s’. These debts however have been greatly exaggerated and are not true financial debts. They include for example salaries of players and staff up till the end of their contracts and unpaid transfer fees, but neglect to include income such as shirt sales, ticket sales, television money etc.

The Maktoum family who are principally behind the consortium are led by Sheikh Mohammed. He is worth an estimated £9 billion – dwarfing Roman Abramovich’s personal wealth.


Rafa Benitez:

“I have talked to the chairman (David Moores) and chief
executive (Rick Parry) about this and I was pleased with what I heard.

“At the moment I only really want to concentrate on the match here, but of course it is always good for a club to have more money and more possibilities.

“For now we are trying to be focused about the game, we will have plenty of time to talk about such things in the future.”

Rick Parry:

“Already they (DIC) have demonstrated a full understanding of, and respect for, the club’s heritage and values.”

“We also believe they share our passion for success. In particular, DIC believes in investing in the businesses it acquires.

“This is very important in terms of the proposed new stadium, which is key to plans for the regeneration of the local community.

“On the pitch, Liverpool remains focused on winning and, here again, this is all about doing a deal that gives us the long-term resources to do that.”

DIC Chief Executive:

“Dubai International Capital will be commencing due diligence in the coming days,” DIC chief executive Sameer al-Ansari said in a statement., without giving a value for any deal, which British newspapers said could be worth 450 million pounds.”Liverpool’s investment requirement (has) been well publicised and we hope we can agree a deal that will provide the club with the funds it needs both on and off the pitch,” the statement quoted DIC Chief Executive Sameer al-Ansari as saying.

Ansari, who has led other Dubai acquisitions including last year’s purchase of a $1 billion stake in DaimlerChrysler, also has a personal interest in this deal and uses the Liverpool emblem as a screensaver on his mobile phone.

“I’ve been a fan of Liverpool ever since I was kid,” said Ansari, 44, an Arab of Palestinian origin who was educated in England.

More news as and when we get it and there is on-going debate in the forum

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Confirmed: Liverpool £450 million bid announced

  1. Times are changing – since the introduction of foreign players to foreign managers and now foreign investment. We value the rich heritage / history of Liverpool FC and if we are to continue as a major force in English & European football we need to move with the times but not at the exspense of our values . We have an oppurtunity to embrace a dream and move towards a new horizon, a chance many clubs would welcome with open arms… take it or leave it?

  2. im not quite sure what to think, im excited about the financial aspect ofcourse, but the heritage and natural culture of the club may be in danger

  3. A good deal on paper but the devil they say lies in the detail. Allthough Ansari claims to be a fan dont expect this to be purely benevolent. These guys invest in nothing if it isnt expected to make a profit in the long-term. Having said that, investments dont make a profit if it aint successful! Interesting times ahead…

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