Dubai Investors to get 7 year itch?

Stories circulating in today’s press from the Business world seem to indicate that Dubai Investment Capital intend to purchase Liverpool with the main focus based on the stadium development, Anfield regeneration and then to sell the club on to new investors.

A ‘confidential document’ has been seen by the Daily Telegraph, which has been circulated to leading Business figures, in order to drum up investment in the proposed deal. The document suggests that the reds anticipate a figure of £240 million being spent on the stadium redevelopment, and the club hope to insist on a £1 million fine for the developers for each week with which the project runs overdue in order to keep the stadium on track.

The report also suggests that the £450 million purchase will involve a bank loan, assumed to be from the Bank of America, or third-party investment to the tune of £300 million. Obviously, the collateral used against the loan, will one imagines be the stadium itself.

The report was allegedly circulated to attract investors, who would be offered up to 30% of the 90% stake DIC aim to purchase in Liverpool. Finally, figures contained within the report mention a 25% profit for investors for each year of the seven that DIC would look to be involved with the club.

According to the local Liverpool Echo, nobody from Anfield was available to comment on this story today.

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Dubai Investors to get 7 year itch?

  1. are you mad??? Think of the amount of money we’d have. and with Rafa the best manager in the market we’d win the premiership 3 times and the champo league as well. liverpool would be the best team in the world and of all time..!!!!!!!

  2. Do not let DIC purchase LIVERPOOL. they dont love LIVERPOOL.they only love their reputation. Im not into business or football. but i know them TOO WELL. Dont think twice!! think 1000 times!!!!

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