10 years on – thanks for visiting

It has been 10 years today since Anfield Online was first set up as a Liverpool FC unofficial website. 

Back then, in the early days of the internet, I was living away from my home town of Liverpool for a couple of years and imagined that there were probably a fair few like me – desperate to keep in touch with what was happening at Anfield, and at our club.

I had a 56k modem, an account with Cable & Wireless and the site was formed.

When I moved back home to a real 9 to 5 job, most of my spare time was involved in updating the site.  In those days, there were no fancy computer packages – just all hand coded Windows Notepad stuff.  I was rubbish at it (some say I still am!) but I had a book and a bit of a passion for the reds.

Since that time a number of other excellent sites have cropped up, and some not so excellent.  Various football networks approached us to represent the Liverpool FC section, but I just never fancied it.  If I wanted to call Jermaine Pennant a useless tool I didn’t want anybody telling me ‘No actually he is a quality footballer full of promise’. I didn’t feel comfortable selling out on the independence of the site’s name – my hobby.  One particular site set up a ‘members club’, charging money for essentially access to a forum containing rumours – rumours that you hear in the pub, or at work, or at school.  I’m sure he made a lot of money out of people but Karma eventually sees to that kind of thing. 

Over the years a number of people have helped out with not only providing articles and reports but also more recently in helping out in the forum which was set up 12 months ago.  Thanks to everyone who has helped. You know who you are.

So 10 years, I dread to think of the number of hours I have spent on it – but it’s been a labour of love. Another 10 years? The thought, honestly, fills me with dread.  Maybe I can palm off some of the work on to the people who have offered their assistance 😉

Seriously though, thanks for visiting the site – be it your first time or your 10th anniversary too.

I’m going for a pint.

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‘The unofficial Liverpool FC website’

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10 years on – thanks for visiting

  1. 10 years on and and still rolling on. Excellent job done and keep it going. I’ll always be here to lend the support. BTW is there anywhere here where i can make some kind of a voluntary contributions to this website?

  2. I found this site by accident and since then i’m on here pretty much every day 1/2/3 times daily! I come on here more than the official web site!!

    Keep up the good work!

    (The Forum is excellent!)

  3. Thanks for your efforts. I regularly visit from newsnow whenever you’re links appear. Always good, informed chat, although, as I spend enough time on my own site, I do not have time to spend permanently on here.

    Keep up the great work.

  4. Congratulations on 10 years of Anfield-Online. You should be really proud of such a great site that’s enjoyed by thousands of Liverpool supporters. I’m sure thousands of hours have gone into maintaining the site and for that you – and everyone who contributes – deserves a pat on the back. Liverpool FC are lucky to have so many great independent sites – not many clubs have got such a dedicated online community of sites. Now, go get drunk!

  5. Hi just wanted to say thanks for the website, I am not a registered member but click on the news alerts on newsnow.co.uk and appreciate the work and effort you put in. I probably will register now.


  6. Thanks for your hard work in making a very friendly, informative and user friendly site, JD. I’ve only been visiting since the middle of last year but it’s been a daily fixture ever since! Good luck for many more years and congratulations!!!

  7. Cheers for the dedication. It has been much appreciated since two years ago when I came across this website. You tell it like the way most of us are thinking. Keep er’ lit, as I am sure you will. Congrats! 😉

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