A full Anfield backs ‘Sir’ Bob Paisley

The official online petition of the Prime Minister closed in the last hour and 44,562 UK citizens signed the petition to posthumously award England’s greatest ever manager a knighthood.

Bob Paisley won 3 European Cups for Liverpool

A campaign, backed by Bob’s family, has been put together by Liverpool supporters and almost the full capacity of an Anfield stadium (including the away end) have added their names to the online petition.

Bob Paisley received the OBE after collecting 3 European Cup’s and 6 English League Titles in his 9 years in charge of Liverpool.  His record is unsurpassed.  Down the M62, Manchester United boss Alex Ferguson was knighted after his one solitary European Cup to show for his 18 years in charge.

Whether the petition, which has been backed by a number of local MP’s, carries any weight remains to be seen – however the scale of the petition is a massive achievement and well done to everybody who took part.

Anfield salutes you Bob Paisley. One of our greatest.

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A full Anfield backs ‘Sir’ Bob Paisley

  1. Why do people think a title would add to the mans achievements. We know how great he was, he doesn’t need the queen to tell us that.

  2. I really don’t like to start from backwards, but I cannot help my self from being sarcastic and sad, as 1 tremble (1999) equals 3 European Cups and 6 League titles in 9 years…I just don’t get it! Probably it’s the media power, they managed to brain-wash even the Queen herself…
    As another fan rightly put it..”You’ll Never Walk Alone Bob”, you are in our hearts, and that’s all that’s counts!
    Feel sorry for you Mancunians, you NEVER had such a glory…

  3. “Sir” Bob Paisley is a fitting tribute to a great man whose achievements are nothing short of phenomenal. Consider that it has not yet being equalled in the modern era. The proper respect must be shown and afforded to a manager way ahead of his time.

    Frankly I’m stunned that this honour was not bestowed on him in recognition of his contribution to Liverpool and football as a whole. The obvious bias towards all things Mancunian shows an evident discrimination and hypocrisy at the highest levels.

    Bob Paisley, we salute you! “You’ll never walk alone!”

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