Argentine happy with midfield rotation

Javier MascheranoThe reds midfield dynamo, Javier Mascherano, has concluded that he is happy to be part of Benitez’ infamous rotation policy if it bring success to Anfield.

While some of the reds appear to whinge, moan and fail to turn up to games, it is refreshing that one of the reds most important players is happy with Rafa’s masterplan.

Speaking to the Argentine midfielder said:

“Everybody wants to play football, but Liverpool have two players in every position.”

“This is needed because we have four competitions to play in and we want to win them all.

“If this means I have to go to the bench sometimes, that’s not important.

“What is important is that when I play, I have to play really good. The manager has to know I can do well when he needs me.”

Mascherano. Rafa’s ‘special one’.

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Argentine happy with midfield rotation

  1. Like oldred has just said its not infamous just pure sense .. playing in the biggest leagues and comps will make players want a rest the end of the tunnel will be light trust us.the players appreciate him for his care for there fitness they dont want to be unfit and have a bad game they want to be fit and have a good game satisfaction for the players as well as us seeing a good team with good results.

  2. the subject of our classy little arggie is a tricky one the better he play’s (and he certainly has played well our best performer so far ,that slide takle ooooh )the more likley it is we’ll lose him at the end of the season ,the loan deal that we have him on will only benifit his gready but very cleaver agent as envious european eye’s keep a watch on him ,every time he put’s a world class perfomance in like the last one his value sores and wether we’ll be able to meet the mental valuation of this marvelous player only time will tell . So lets make the mosty of him while he wears the beautiful red of liverpool y.n.w.a

  3. Benitez’s ‘infamous’ rotation policy? Only infamous to the press who don’t understand that Rafa (excluding injuries) picks the best team to beat the oposition. He also has to consider the 60 plus games Liverpool play every season and make sure everybody stays fresh and works hard to keep their position.

    It’s not infamous. It’s the reality of competing in four competitions.

  4. i think, Mr Rafa can do the best with squad for Liverpool. So, I agree with statement from Mascherano. Just hard work from every player can tell the world.
    Don’t bashful, Be Second but batter!!!!

  5. Whingers? There certainly has been more than Crouch who have criticised Rafa’s policy over time. Bellamy threw some strops, Pennant’s had a cob on about it, Benayoun might have to move to a ‘mid-table team’, Momo has threatened to ‘assess’ his future.

    I just find it refreshing that Mascherano at such a young age can see the bigger picture. And every time he is called on he does a brilliant job for us.

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