Barca star denies red contact

Barcelona’s Ludovic Giuly has denied that there has been contact as the media link the French midfielder with a move away.

Giuly has one year left on his contract but insists that no contact has been made and he would look to serve out the final year of his deal.

Speaking today the player said:

“I have had no contact with Lyon, Paris (Saint Germain), Monaco, Juventus or Liverpool,” he told a press conference in Spain.

“I have no desire to leave. I have one year remaining on my contract and I want to fulfil it.

“If I was forced to leave, I would look for a big club.

“Maybe people have noticed me less than last year, but I still playing 60 per cent of the matches.

“It is not so bad at Barcelona, where I remain the only Frenchman to have won titles.”

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Barca star denies red contact

  1. keep Riena the back four are fine maybe add a solid sweeper like woodgate add a second keeper like frey midfield could do with a winger like stu downing and an attacker like amair from barca get cisse back get rid of bellamy buy torres gudjohnsen yakubu coz of his strength. keep your chins up lads the ref was a twat!!!

  2. why get rid of Riena?? and our defence is gd enough as it is we have all seen hoe well they play by how many clean sheets they keep. i think we need wingers i dont think pennant or zenden are good enough. and i dont think bellamy is good enough. kuyt is a hard worker but doesnt score many. crouch is also good but i think we need 2 more strikers. out of…et’o raul torres? and sell cisse

  3. Please dont forget to mark karka and Seido and please dont forget to replace a player as soon as they replace one of intermilans. Please dont forget to include Peter Chrouch up front inorder to off set them.
    thank you.Liverpool has got to win this Game London

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