Benitez laughs off Jose’s latest outburst

Ahead of the first leg clash at Stamford Bridge Jose Mourinho, classless manager of classless Chelsea, has once again let his bitterness rise to the fore. I do wonder sometimes if Chelsea fans actually cringe when he opens his mouth? Maybe not. Most of them probably started supporting them when Roman rode in to town, and Arsenal hit their barren spell.

Jose was at it again today managing to fit the following topics in to his press conference:

– that there were no goals in the semi-final 2 years ago (yawn yawn – foul – red card – penalty).
– that Liverpool compared to Chelsea are not a big club
– that Liverpool have only played 3 games in 2007 compared to Chelsea’s 27
– that although Chelsea have 55-60 points more than us in 3 years he said we are favourites for the tie
– that he ‘doesn’t do statistics’ (see above)
– that Liverpool will set out to get most of Chelsea’s players booked and we will run round trying to get Drogba suspended.

If it wasn’t for the fact his team is full of thugs (and a fat pie-eater) then they wouldn’t all be on yellows would they?

Benitez refused to get involved in this usual diatribe merely suggesting that with regards to the bookings maybe Jose knows his own tricks best. We all remember Gudjohnnsen’s dive to get Xabi Alonso suspended for the second leg.

The word from Chelsea seems to suggest that Abramovich is tired of Mourinho’s rants in particular, which only serve to constantly undermine the achievements his club have made.

Let’s hope we get some really dodgy decisions in our favour, a couple of goals that ‘don’t cross the line’ and there are 11 Chelsea bookings. He might just explode up his own backside.

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Benitez laughs off Jose’s latest outburst

  1. jose has a excuse for every time they lose if they lost 5 games in a row it would probly be i did not get eneugh sleep

  2. liverpool are better than chealse jose just face th facts if u wanna talk about the past then talk about how many cups chealsea have won 12 or maybe now 13 but liverpool have won 44 you yourself said you dont do statictist then whats thais although Chelsea have 55-60 points more than us in 3 years he said we are favourites for the tie

  3. jose u just cant take it that liverpool are better than chelsea and u can take that rafa is better than u and that he ripped ya.

    ill tell ya summet you talk out of your ass and if u dont believe ma then check and you can get drogber to whipe of the shit

  4. As the saying goes ” He who has the last laugh has the best laugh” Jose you can hide your head i dont know where, maybe up your ass.

    Liverpudlian forever

  5. Rafa, as ever, reacts with astute simplicity. Thank God we got we got Rafa, and not Jose, as manager! The rubbish coming our from Chelsea suggests that they ae rattled. As well they might be!

  6. hehe that cracks me up – i find myself on this website despite being an arsenal supporter due to the fact that i was intrigued as to what shite mourinho has been chatting this time. it was worth it.

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