Benitez: We need to spend big, and spend big NOW

Rafa BenitezRafa Benitez does not want to wait any longer as he urged the board to release the funds to buy his first choice players NOW, not later in the summer.

Speaking this morning Benitez said:

“We have a deal nearly completed for Gonzalez and I have told Bolo that he can talk to other clubs,” said Benitez.

“We must quickly sign our number one targets and spend big and spend now.”

“Our fans know what we must do and so do I,” added Benitez.

“When you look at the champions Manchester United spending £20m on a midfield playerand we have been paying only £8m to £9m for our strikers, you know what must be done.

“I have been told by the new owners that they will back my plans.

“If we wait we will be chasing the players who are second and third on our list. We need to change the structure of the club on and off the pitch.”

“We need to pay the price needed for each position. We have finished 21 points behind United and 15 behind Chelsea.

“They will both spend big money again and we will just be marking time. If we continue the way we are we will be fighting for third or fourth spot again at the end of the season – and we cannot have that all the time.

“Two seasons ago we got 82 points, a club record, and we could not get into the top two. If we do not improve now we will always be fighting for fourth spot.

“It is obvious we do not have enough players for nine months competing in four competitions.”

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Benitez: We need to spend big, and spend big NOW

  1. I have been a loyal liverpool fan for over 30 years,and am delighted the way Rafa has turned things around. However i cannot understand why the new owners are backtracking,and will not give Rafa the funds he requires to bring in some new faces of tallent to the club.

    Rafa is a great manager for the club,but i think before long he will lose his cool,and quit. Who could blame him after the way they are mucking him about.


  2. I have a lot of beleif in Benitez,he will go far this year and if not this season i know by next season we will win the prem,so whatever benitez says,does or buys we will be the best by next season.

  3. oh ye and get the 12m for bellamy…he’s never worth that so sell him now and use money to buy the likes of tevez, eto’o, torres, chivu etc

  4. i think we shud buy some quality players that have already proved themselves in english football like Pedersen at blackburn and Duff at newcastle also get rid of kewell. he’s had enough chances now and he never fails to dissapoint. sorry harry but ur times up mate!!
    cum on rafa make the signings u need 2 and get us the prem title!! u can do it!
    cum on the reds!!

  5. im a really really big pool fan and i trust rafa wat ever he does so i could go and say em i want this player and i want that player but i know deep down that this man (rafa) has wat it takes to bring bac the glory days maby not next year but it wont take more than that for he to do so


    viva rafa 🙂

  6. I can understand Benitez’s frustration as to buy these players u need support from the owners and with the money they have i dnt see no reason why we shouldnt now be able to splash out on class players…with more gd players coming in and the crap ones going out we are only going to be stronger and will surely be withing distance of a decent title challenge next season. If Benitez gets the players such as : Eto’o,Tevez,Alves,Milito then we will have a very strong squad with gd backups for every position and thats wat we have lacked to sustain a gd challenge in previuos years so im very excited about the seasoin coming up and anticipating some very good buys in the summer from Rafa – Come on u Reds!!

  7. it’s okay to buy new players but please don’t let go of the true Reds…espcially Xabi..i think he really deserves to stay at Anfield..he’s doing really well and when you think of Xabi you think of a true spaniard just fits.

  8. I hope NOT to see our team, from an English football club to become… a LATINO one!
    OK, I’ll admit it, latino-americans, spain, portuguese players having really remarkable talent.
    But… I had enough of the latin players. I want to see MORE BRITISH lads in our club!
    For example, I wish to get DUFF! He’s IRISH, he LOVES to play for us… and HE’S GOOD!

  9. I think we need to get rid of bellemy, thankgod zenden has gone. We do need Etoo, or someone like him, torress would be best bet! And malouda would be nice! Kewell will occupy our left wing, i have a feeling his going to have a good season, and rafa sees something there. Pennent, he has to stay!

  10. zenden is a great player, i think gonzales too, so i will miss them. i’m also sorry for fowler, because he does not have many oportunities, meanwhile he’s one of the best even at this time. the players we should buy: eto’o, torres, chivu,… THE IDEAL LIVERPOOL TEAM: 1xREINA, 4xCARRAGHER, 4xGERRARD, 2xKUYT :))

  11. i fink its about time liverpool started 2 spend big money on players seeing as the most we have ever spent is 14 million and he was pretty crap.

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